STRIPPED BARE – part of the Animal Magnetism anthology published by Dreamspinner Press

Karen L Buckle: “I just finished Stripped Bare and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the story! It’s my favorite in the anthology so far! I love Oliver…he and his dirty mouth, combined with the setting of the art world was very original and I just loved it! It doesn’t hurt that you did such a good job describing Michael that I can just picture him as SOL! Congratulations on being published! I hope you let us know when another of your stories is published…”

Anonymous: ” I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Stripped Bare! Not at all surprising to see art featuring in the story, and your descriptions were so vivid, I could actually picture the works (and considering I’m not in the least bit artistic, that’s a BIG thing). Ollie absolutely cracked me up, esp “No sex for Eve”. Can’t wait for your next story xx”

The following reviews can be found (along with reviews on the other wonderful stories included in the anthology) on Goodreads

Arthur Bedwyr: “Stripped bare. Lily Valden. Another favorite of mine. Nick was an installation artist. In an exhibition’s Q&A session, one costumer managed to make him feel naked by asking deep, probing questions. A combination of poetry, romance, and witty dialogue make this one a winner for me. 5 stars”

Mandy: “Stripped Bare by Lily Velden 4.5*
So far my favorite of the bunch, despite being short it felt complete.I would have liked more info about Michael, but all in all a touching, sweet story and Oliver was a riot!”

Jacqueline: “A couple of the stand outs….. Stripped bare by Lily Valden – A fantastic story about an Artist who owns a parrot named Oliver. I wish this was a full length novel. By far my favorite from this Anthology.”

Blub: “There were a few I found to be too short and one in particular that I found just ended too abruptly (the homeless thief and horse one). There was one in particular that was my favorite(the parrot cracked me up with some of the things it said). Overall, all the stories were very entertaining and I kind of wish I had more to read.”

Kate: “Stripped bare” was a fantastic story and Lily Valden took time and care to dig deep within the confines of her word-count to reveal so much about her boys’ characters and histories! I loved every bit. Loved the parrot – loved the artwork and how revealing it was.”

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