COACH 2 – REPEAT PERFORMANCE – Rated NC-17 – Twi Fanfic


Coach (1) was originally meant to be a slash one-shot, but apparently these dirty boys like to play… repeatedly…

Oh, BTW, it’s probably best to read Coach (1) first, if you have not done so already, as Coach (2) assumes knowledge – no backstory is offered.

Rated NC-17

It contains coarse language, and adult themes with M/M/M sexual interaction that may offend some readers.



PAIRING: Edward/Jasper/Riley


All the characters from Twilight belong to Stephenie Meyer.

All I own are my naughty thoughts.



Coach Edward, having discovered just how dedicated to the team Jasper and Riley really are, continues their, umm, private coaching sessions…

Chapter 2: Repeat Performances


A brief tour of the locker rooms tells me they are empty, and as I exit them, returning to the main basketball court area, I can see it is all but deserted as well. Only a few stragglers remain, making their slow casual way toward the exits. Smiling, I glance at the huge clock that hangs on the wall at the half way line of the court.

Ten to three.

My cock twitches in anticipation at what will happen after three.

I have been teasing them all week with a look, a lick of my lips, or the absent brush of a hand over my crotch, and they, the cheeky fuckers, have been giving as good as they got. My naughty boys have been bending over in front of me, and even going commando, tantalizing me with the subtle sway of their cocks beneath their gym shorts.

For a week, we have danced around each other, building the tension; all of us with a stick of dynamite in our pants… and after three, I will light the fuses.


Closing and locking the door behind me, I pause, smiling at their eagerness—they are both standing with their backs to my desk, naked and hard… oh so invitingly hard. I remain standing, leaning against my door, openly admiring their equipment, pleased to see they have done as I asked and shaved their pubic area, leaving only a small patch of trimmed curls above their cocks. My smile widens when I see their turgid lengths pulse in response to my perusal.

A teardrop of precum beads in the slit of the flushed crown of Jasper’s cock, and I watch as it slowly trails down, licking my lips as it trembles and clings to the edge of the bell-like glans before losing its battle and falling to the floor between his long slender feet. Something tells me his nectar will be sweet… sweet and tangy, with a hint of salt.

Hmm, yum, might have to have me some of that today.

Of course, it was foolish of them to shed their clothing and not lock the door—anyone could have walked in. Yes, it was foolish, so very, very foolish, but it pleases me anyway. It shows they are keen, and I do so like them keen.

The longer I stand and watch the more ragged their breaths become.


I want them panting for it.

I want them begging.

Pushing myself off the door, I stride across the room, lifting my gaze to their faces—soon enough I will be able to feast my eyes once again on their engorged and straining cocks.

Yes, to admire, and so much more…

Coming to a halt before them, I put away my smile, my expression now stern. “Good afternoon, gentleman.” My voice is even and well-modulated, and betrays nothing of my excitement.

“Good afternoon, Coach,” they chime in unison; the husky tremor I detect in their voices is as backing vocals to the feverish song I see playing in their eyes.

Focusing on Jasper, I narrow my eyes as I examine his face, staring deep into the cobalt blue of his eyes as I ask him, “And did you do as I requested this week, Jasper? Did you refrain from pleasuring yourself?”

I make a point of stepping back and studying his beautiful cock with an intensity that equals my stare into his eyes but moments before, while I wait for his response. It pleases me to see it pulse under my scrutiny, another drop of clear precum oozing from its reddened tip. Reaching out, I cup his smooth balls, weighing them in my hand. They feel full, tight, and heavy in my palm.

“Yes, Sir,” he replies with no hesitation, and I know he is speaking the truth. Stepping forward, his freshly shaved eggs still cradled in the warm nest of my hand, I reward him by placing a soft kiss on his mouth and rolling his balls gently. His breath tastes sweet on my lips, and I have to restrain myself from delving deeper into his honeyed cavern.

“Good,” I tell him, gratified by his soft moan and the way his body sways toward mine.

With one step to the side, I place myself before Riley and repeat my question, looking into the heavily lashed, chocolate-brown of his eyes. A quiver of annoyance tightens my belly when I see a flicker of hesitation pass through them, but I say nothing as I continue with my examination of his twitching dick and tight scrotum, patiently awaiting his reply.

“Yes, Sir,” he responds. He hides it well, but I know he is lying.

Honesty is definitely the best policy with me. This is something he will learn… perhaps the hard way.

“You are lying,” I state flatly, my voice as cold as ice. I take a step back, dropping his balls as if they have burned me. With a wave of my hand, I dismiss him. “Take a seat, Riley. It would seem you will be but a spectator in this afternoon’s proceedings.”

“What? No! Coach! Please… it was only the once,” he begs prettily, his hands extended in supplication, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

I will not brook disobedience.

“Once too often,” I tell him icily. “And you will learn to never lie to me. Now sit down.”

Meekly, his head hanging in shame, he moves to the chair that I already think of as his in my mind.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a gleam of satisfaction in Jasper’s baby blues.


He is glad to not have to share my attention.

“Same rules as last week, Riley. Do not touch that disobedient dick of yours, unless I tell you to.” My command is for Riley, but my eyes are on Jasper. “In fact, do not touch anything except the arms of that chair. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” His voice sounds small and defeated, and for a moment, I consider taking pity on him…

The moment passes.

Stepping back in front of Jasper, I deliberately lick my lips before smiling at him. “Would you like your reward for being so good, Jasper?”

He bobs his head energetically in contrast to his reply, which comes out in a slow breathy pant. “Yes, please, Coach.”

Conscious of both sets of eyes on me, I turn the other chair that is used for guests to my office so that its back rests lightly against my big solid desk, offering it stability. It also offers my naughty Riley a prime view of the fun and games his willfulness has precluded him from.

With slow measured steps, I walk around my desk, pulling my keys from my shorts pocket as I go. I sink into a crouch, unlocking the bottom drawer that holds a smattering of what I call my supplies, gathering what I will need.

As I make my way back to him, I suppress a smile at the widening of Jasper’s eyes, and his deliciously working throat. His Adam’s apple is calling on me to suck on it, but it will have to wait… there is another, far needier part of him, beckoning to my lips.

He swallows noisily when I instruct him to bend forward and place his hands on the arms of the chair. I can see he is nervous—his beautiful body is trembling—but this does not make him hesitate to do as I ask. Outside of my office he is a leader; looked up to by other students and emulated by many, but here, within my domain, he is mine to command. My cock twitches at the thought.

To the side of me, I can hear Riley’s raspy breaths, but I ignore him. The boy will learn; like it or not.

My movements are slow and deliberate as I knot the matching blue silk scarves using a repeated figure eight pattern about his fists as they grip the chair, his knuckles are white with the strain. With a gentle touch—I don’t wish to startle my thoroughbred—I encourage him to move his feet back, spreading them wide.

He’s panting now.


Standing back, I admire my handiwork, and out of the corner of my eye, I can see Riley is too.

Jasper’s sweet, pink rosebud is on full display and fluttering enticingly for me. As are his full balls, balls that I know are just aching to be emptied.

I place the lube and condom on the seat, right where he can see them, and it gratifies me to hear his sharply indrawn breath.

Raising my fingers toward my mouth, I change my mind mid-motion, walking instead to stand before a trembling Riley. “Suck my fingers,” I tell him coolly, offering him my index and big fingers. I watch, somewhat dispassionately as he sucks them greedily into his mouth—I am not yet over my annoyance with him and his disobedience. Despite my displeasure, I feel my dick harden and lengthen further in my shorts at his enthusiastic work on my digits. The boy’s tongue is like a hot velvet snake as it slithers over and between my fingers. He’s a natural, and I find myself hoping he can keep his hands off his dick over the next week, so I can introduce him to the joys of sucking cock… my cock.

Turning my head, I look at Jasper, finding him looking at me with hungry, needy eyes.

“Enough,” I command, a loud popping sound accompanying the abrupt withdrawal of my fingers from Riley’s moist cave.

Slowly, deliberately, I walk back to Jasper, my gaze never leaving his. I position myself behind him, and allowing no other part of myself to touch him other than my moistened fingers, I caress his crack. From perineum to the base of his spine and back again, and with each repetition my journey gets slightly shorter until finally all I am doing is circling his winking star.

“Have you ever had your cock sucked, Jasper?” I pitch my voice a little lower than usual, letting a little gravel underscore its tone, knowing this will add to his excitement.

“Yes,” he pants, trying to nod as he looks back at me over his shoulder.

“Aah, we shall see how I stack up against your perky little cheerleader groupies then, shan’t we?”

I already know exactly how I will rate—after experiencing my tongue, mouth, and throat the eager beaver cheerleaders that flock to him like moths to a flame will be lucky if he deigns to smile at them, let alone show them his pretty dick.

A mature woman with a love of cock and sex may give a gay man a run for his money in the cocksucking department, but from personal experience, and from overhearing far too many locker room conversations, I knew that the bulk of college girls had a lot to learn about the art of worshiping a big beautiful cock. Practice makes perfect… and I’d practiced a lot.

Ever so gently, I press the pad of my index finger into his rosebud, inhaling deeply in satisfaction to feel it grip me, trying to draw me in. The sound of Riley’s anguished whimpering fills the room, but I continue to ignore him. Instead, I watch as Jasper hangs his head, his waves brushing against the padded seat. A brief glance to the side shows me Riley sitting on the edge of his chair, gripping the arms as if they are the flotsam that will keep him afloat in storm washed seas.

“Would you like me to suck your cock, Jasper?” I ask, withdrawing my finger and resuming my rhythmic circling of his hole. My own prick is throbbing with need, but I ignore it—first I must tighten the string of Jasper’s bow to breaking point. I want him beside himself with need, screaming for me to fill him.

“Yes.” His reply is a strangled gasp as I once again press my finger in as far as the first knuckle and slowly rotate it.

“I have a few rules, my beauty. Do you think you can follow a few simple rules?” I ask, my tone deep and low, and yet, almost conversational. My fingers are back to circling his entrance, their pattern almost hypnotic.


“I’m so glad,” I croon, once again penetrating him, and this time, I am unable to suppress my smirk as his ass presses back trying to engulf more of my finger. Riley’s groan penetrates my awareness, but I don’t acknowledge him. I will not reward bad behavior. “Rule Number One: I am one the one plucking this duck. I am the driver, and you are the passenger. That means you keep your legs spread, and your hips still unless I give you permission to move. Capiche?”

I resume my teasing of his hole while I wait for his reply. My marauding pirate of a cock is longing to bury itself in his treasure chest, but I know from experience that the treasure will be all the sweeter for having made myself wait. There’s a lot to be said for delayed gratification.

“Oh, God… yes, Coach,” he croaks, subtly rotating his hips in an effort to capture my taunting digits.

“Rule Number Two: Same as last week, angel, you will give our friend, Riley, here, a blow by blow, if you will pardon the pun, account of what I’m doing to you. You stop talking; I stop blowing. Are we clear?”

Jasper nods his head so frantically that his forehead touches the seat below him several times. “Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, God,” whispers Riley, and I can see at a glance that every muscle in his body is tense to the point of vibrating.


I have them where I want them.

Unable to resist the allure of his quivering entrance, I insert my finger one more time, watching mesmerized as his needy hole grips me and tries to suck me in deeper as I pump in and out. Reluctantly, I withdraw and step to the side. Patience, Edward. Patience. Soon enough you will be sheathed in that hot silken channel.

Walking toward Riley, I hide my pleasure at hearing his sharply indrawn breath. I reach behind him and grab the cushion that rests against the back of the chair—with the way he is perched at its edge, he is definitely not going to need it. Brushing my fingers, that had just been playing with Jasper’s ass, against his cheek, knowing full well he can smell his buddy’s musky aroma on them, I whisper. “This could have been you.” His whine tells me he is learning his lesson fast.

I take my time, placing the cushion of the floor between the front legs of the chair and Jasper’s spread feet. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see his dick jerking in anticipation of my touch. Crawling into the narrow space, I turn to Riley. “Do you have a clear view of everything, Riley?”

“Yes,” comes his tortured whisper.


Kneeling on the pillow with my back pressed against the chair, and Jasper’s weeping cock barely six inches from my lips, I take a few moments to admire him. The tawny skin on his shaft looks fine and silky smooth, contrasting nicely with the textured fabric of his balls, and the almost angry red of his plum-like head.

Dipping my finger into the eye of his snake, my own dick throbs at the way his jerks and twitches at my touch.  With my moistened fingertip, I circle his bellybutton before pressing in and tickling him sensually for a moment, loving the way he has to fight his body’s urge to squirm under my teasing touch. With what I know is exquisite slowness, I trail my finger in a straight line down his belly ending at his cropped curls. I can feel his building anticipation; his need of my caress, my lips upon his engorged rod.

As I study him once more, wafting my breath over his sensitive flesh, another dew drop of precum bubbles out of his slit, and I love how it teeters on the tip, until with one final tremble, it slides down his glans in a slow but determined journey south to fulfill its mission of lubricating his cock. Don’t worry, I silently reassure his manhood, I’ll get him nice and moist. I lick my lips, my eyes on the lazily descending drop, waiting for the moment when it lost contact with his skin and became air-born—I may have wasted his earlier offering, but I have no intention of letting this one escape me.

My moment arrives and my tongue darts out to capture his spiced honey, returning it to his shaft in a long, languid lick from his right ball to his tip.

“Jasper,” I prompt when all that escapes him is a gasp. Repeating my action; this time laving his left egg, I stroke the flat of my tongue with excruciating slowness up to his leaking slit.

“Oh, God, umm, Coach’s tongue feels like the finest grade of sandpaper … soft, but kinda rough at the same time … and moist … so fucking moist,” he groans, and I can’t help grinning—the boy is being quite picturesque in his description.

I decide to suck one of his eggs into my mouth, knowing it is unlikely any woman has done this to him in the past. I have yet to meet a woman eager to take a hairy ball between her lips, and really, I can’t blame them—pubic hair tends to taste either bitter or soapy, neither of which is appealing. And truly, getting a hair stuck on your tongue or between your teeth is a real mood killer. A clean-shaven scrotum, however, now that is an entirely different proposition.…

That is delicious.

Especially when that scrotum is as tight and full as Jasper’s currently is.

Closing my eyes, I let myself enjoy the sensation of the soft yet textured feel of his egg filling my mouth, sucking it gently as I lave and roll it with my tongue.

“Oh, my.… Oh, my.… Riley.…” Jasper’s panting efforts to speak has more blood rushing to my dick, and I’m beginning to wish I’d stripped off my shorts before getting down to business. “Oh, my God, Riley, I’ve never felt anything like it… Coach is sucking on one of my balls!”

My initial reaction is to smile at his enthusiastic outburst, but I suppress it, moving instead, to his other ball. It fills my mouth, and I hum my appreciation.

“Oh hell, Riley, it’s… it’s so hot, it’s… God, I can’t think, umm… it’s so hot in his mouth… aagh, it’s hot and wet, and feels just so fucking divine.”

They’re both moaning; one in frustration, the other in pleasure, and were my mouth free, I’d be moaning too.

Releasing his balls, now glistening with my saliva, I blow on them gently, happy to observe them draw even tighter to his body as a wave of goose flesh radiates out from his crotch.

“Shit! Coach is blowing on my balls, and umm… Oh God, I don’t know how to describe it…”

“Try, Jasper.”

I follow my words with a sloppy lick of his scrotum and another waft of my breath.

“Umm, Coach’s breath is warm, but it feels cool on my balls, and its making me shiver.” And true to his word, another rush of goose flesh blooms from his groin. “God, it makes me want to shove my dick into his mouth so bad, so it can feel it too!”

Using only the tip of my tongue, I trail a line from the root of his rod to his slit, poking it in and wriggling it about within his cock’s eye, gathering his juice.

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” he cries. It would seem Jasper’s slit is his ‘on switch’, and so I play with my newfound knowledge…

“Oh my God, Riley, I feel like I’m going to come, and I haven’t even got my cock in his mouth yet!”

Pulling my face away from his crotch, I firmly instruct him. “You will not climax until I give you permission, Jasper. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Coach,” he whimpers.

A quick glance at Riley, whose face is as flushed as his cock-head, and I can see this is torment to him—delicious torment, but torment nonetheless. I decide to tighten the screws a little more—if my punishment is ‘painful’ enough it will not need to be repeated. Grasping the base of Jasper’s pole in one hand, I angle it toward my mouth, and with slow, sensual swirls, tongue it repeatedly.

“Jesus fucking Christ! That feels so good! No, Coach! Please no, don’t stop!” wails Jasper as I pull my lips away.

Turning my head to Riley, I allow my hand to move up Jasper’s shaft until my thumb is at its leaking eye, rubbing leisurely circles, and spreading his nectar, making the head glisten.  “Are you going to play with your dick again, when I’ve told you not to, Riley?”

He answers me promptly, his eyes never leaving his buddy’s cock. “No, Sir.”

“Do you want this to be you, Riley?”

His chest heaves, his affirmative reply little more than a raspy croak.


“Coach, please… please… I need…” whimpers Jasper, and I can see he is fighting his body’s instinct to thrust until it can empty itself into a warm, dark hole.

Smiling at his neediness, I taunt him a little by running the flat of my tongue slowly from his balls to the tip, knowing that is like giving a thirsty man but one sip of water.

“What do you want, Jasper?”

“Suck me… please, Coach, please suck me,” he begs.

“As you wish, my sweet delectable boy.”

With one last gust of breath over his twitching member, I take the head into my mouth, and suck hard.

“Oh my fucking God,” he squeals, and for a moment his body wins, and he tries to thrust more of himself into my mouth. If not for my fist grasping his length, he’d have been tickling my tonsils.

With my free hand, I slap his buttock, and that is all it takes to remind him of my rules. He stills his hips, the effort making his limbs shake.

Returning my hand to his eggs, I gently roll and squeeze them as I concentrate my mouth on the head, continuing to suck firmly while using my tongue to tease and tantalize.

“Jesus… Riley, oh God, it’s so tight and warm… Coach is tonguing my head… fuck, it feels so goddamn good.”

Meanwhile, my own cock is pressing against my shorts, begging to be released.

Shifting the angle of my head, I bob my head, taking a little more of his length into my mouth. I aim his head at the inside of one cheek, letting it tap against it firmly—a nice prelude to when I finally let him submerge himself in my throat.

“Soft,” he moans. “Coach, your mouth is so soft and cushiony. Jesus, it’s like fucking into the warmest, wettest pillow. More please… Oh God, more please.”

Riley’s continuous litany of groans and pants tells me the combined effect of seeing me suck his buddy off, and Jasper’s running commentary is having on him. My gaze flickers to him briefly to confirm he isn’t being disobedient and touching himself. Good. He’s behaving.

I do to Jasper all the things I like done to my dick—I lick his frenulum, tongue his slit, swirl my tongue about the head and up and down his shaft as I bob along it.

I lick.

I lap.

I kiss.

I suck.

And I worship him.

Jasper squeals and moans and whimpers.

He curses me yet cries for more.

And all the while he tries to describe what I’m doing, but he’s struggling. Oh boy, is he struggling. It would seem my mouth is robbing him of coherency…

With each descent, I take a little more of him inside me, until finally his trimmed curls are tickling my nose. I grip his buttocks, locking him in place.

Now for the pièce de résistance.

Breathing through my nose, I swallow strongly and deliberately. Again and again and again.

Jasper is screeching his pleasure, his legs shaking violently as he fights his body’s urge to thrust.  I can feel his orgasm building in his balls as they draw even closer to his body.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh please, Coach. I need to come! Please let me come!”

I hum, knowing the vibration will feel like ecstasy. That it will tip the scales that little bit further…

“Let him come, Coach. Let him come.” Riley wails, begging on Jasper’s behalf.

I loosen my grip on his ass, giving one cheek a light tap, signaling my permission for him to fuck himself into my mouth.

And fuck me, he does.

With abandon.

And still I hum and work my throat, milking his tasty cock until he is screaming and unleashing a torrent down my gullet.

“Yes! Coming! I’m coming! So good… it feels so fucking good!”

I roll and squeeze his balls, wanting every last drop of his earthy seed. It tastes as I knew it would—sweet, but salty; tangy, but tart. It tastes of man; earthy and virile.

My sucks turn soft; my laving tender. He has earned my gentle care. I lick him clean, placing a chaste kiss upon his spent slit.

Crawling from under him, I look to Riley. His ignored cock is purple with need, but he is silent, his mouth hanging open. The guy is speechless. He drags his stare from Jasper’s spent dick to return my gaze, his eyes wide in wonder.

“Behave and that could be you,” I tell him, smirking when I see his Adam’s apple bob and the vigorous nodding of his head.

Jasper is shaking his head and muttering to himself. “Never knew it could be so good…”

He thinks our play time is over, but I have news for him.

It’s not over. Not by a long shot.

A certain reptile in my pants is now demanding his fun.

Reaching for the lube, I hear both men gasp, followed rapidly by a pained whimper from Riley. Realization dawns quickly—Jasper’s and my pleasure is just beginning, and his punishment is far from over.

Drizzling a little on my fingers, I circle his furled bud, pressing one in. Both boys begin to pant, and I can’t help smiling as I huskily ask, “Now that we’ve had the entrée, how about we enjoy the main course?”



33 responses to “COACH 2 – REPEAT PERFORMANCE – Rated NC-17 – Twi Fanfic

  1. OMG! Yes, that was so hot and – YES we need the main course and oh to be so lucky to have dessert too! Poor Riley. I feel his pain! LOL! I really like how fast Jasper has accepted this arrangement. One of the perks of FanFiction. I’m just afraid that I’m going to start looking at my clock at 3pm on Friday afternoons and start thinking that this is happening somewhere and I’m going to want to be there as well! Hope you don’t torture us too long before the next course! Thanks again!

    • Hey Skylar, I must admit to a little fanning of myself as I finished the chapter – I think I may be as tough as Edward (I left Jasper hanging with Edward licking up a “dewdrop” for months LOL) So this morning I finally put all the boys out of the misery, well, all except Riley, poor devil. Maybe next time….

  2. Oh yes that was definately hot. Can’t wait for the main course and possibly dessert. I have to feel sad for Riley, but jasper seemed happy that riley fucked up..and so he should after that blow job.

    • Hey Mistydeb, it’s so nice to see you on here! Thanks for popping over. I wonder if Riley learned his lesson? It would be so mean to have him miss out on the main and dessert as well……….wouldn’t it???

  3. Quel chapitre d’une grande intensité sexuelle, on en redemande donc oui je veux le plat de résistance et je ne parle même pas du dessert sans qui le festin ne serait pas complet!
    J’aime beaucoup la réaction de Jasper qui est si heureux d’avoir toute l’attention du coach pour lui tout seul, il est tellement en attente depuis la semaine précédente… Ce n’est pas Edward qui dira le contraire car malgré ses airs de tout maîtriser, il est tout aussi impatient et excité que Jasper et Riley.
    Pauvre Riley, qui subit l’atroce punition que lui inflige le coach sans déroger aux règles cette fois-ci, ne voulant pas faillir à nouveau et souhaitant enfin prendre la place de Jasper. La punition est une torture mais Edward peut être sûr que Riley aura compris sa leçon et ne faillira plus!
    Chapitre chaud et sexy à souhait.
    Merci de nous en faire profiter et à bientôt.

    • Bon, Anne, je vais mettre sur mon chapeau de pensée, et d’essayer de trouver quelque chose d’unique pour leur plat principal … Je vais vous soucier de desserts plus tard! Merci beaucoup pour avoir fait l’effort de venir sur le blog pour lire Coach 2 – Je l’apprécie beaucoup.

    • I have an idea for the main course, but I’m a little nervous to write it as it is pushing the boundaries somewhat – definitely more sexually deviant than I have ever written before.
      Might need to put on some big girl panties…

    • They’re so naughty, it’s kind of addictive!!! My idea for the main course is a bit “out there” so I may need to fortify myself first before writing it, and then maybe duck for cover!

  4. Hi Belle! so glad you posted Coach 2. It was as hot as expected! and of course I want more! These naughty boys are just what pervy Coach was waiting for, it looks like they match alright! So bring main course and dessert… Thanks! Hugs, Lil

  5. YES……Please Coach!

    I seriously sympathize with Riley’s predicament, but I do prefer Edward with Jasper. They’re the only pair for me.

    • Hey twigirl31, thank you for taking the time to comment!
      Maybe the boys should just have an all you can eat buffet….
      Seriously, though, Edward and Jasper are my favourite pairing too – I know… it’s such a shock LOL.
      And Riley… well, Riley needs to learn to follow instructions!

  6. yes!!! the main course, dessert and much, much more!! damn that was hot! how did i miss that you had a blog now? started reading on ffn. can insign up for alerts? don’t want to miss a thing. hope you’re well bb! 🙂 xox

    • Jodie, you are as greedy as Jasper (and Riley wants to be!!!!) If you follow the blog you will be notified of all new posts and all new chapters will be posted in part (or whole depending on content) as a well as a page.
      Great to hear from you!

  7. yes!!! the main course, dessert and much, much more!! damn that was hot! how did i miss that you had a blog now? started reading on ffn. can i sign up for alerts? don’t want to miss a thing. hope you’re well bb! 🙂 xox

  8. Belle, that was hot. Boy, these two are eager, lol. Poor Riley, I bet he’ll be a very good boy for Coach now, lol.Of course we want the main course all the way through to coffee and mints and maybe the cab ride home. *grins*

    Jane x

    • Coach Edward is quite commanding, isn’t he? Jas certainly enjoys it! Riley might too, if he could behave himself LOL.
      I say we just have food on tap for the boys!

  9. I’m starving here! Of course we want the main course…and dessert and after dinner drinks and coffee and maybe even a late night snack! Poor Riley, he will learn his lessen the hard way and will probably eventually cum to the conclusion that haste makes waste because self denial will always bring about heftier rewards!!

    ~~ Michelle aka Meechy

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