Lily’s Artworks – Odds and Sods

Odds and Sods says it all, really. This page includes one-off pieces, or the only image saved from an exhibition.

Some were just done for a laugh, some were experiments, and others, like the Shattered Series, are very dear to me, as they speak of my life.

Shattered Series:
Shattered Dreams,  Shattered Lives, Shattered Hopes
Materials: glass, mirror, perspex

Circles & Stripes & all Things Nice
Materials: rubber discs and my house!
Fancy being my neighbour….

Drum Kit
Materials: Red Wine Bottles, aluminium tube, and glass

Glass Piano
Materials: Champagne glasses, tumblers, and glass sheet, and a 6 note lighting and music system on a loop

Materials: hessian tape, gum tree

Ball of String
Materials: String made from natural tissue paper

Circle of Life

Circle of Life
Linocut print

Blue NudeOil on Board

Blue Nude
Oil on Board

2 responses to “Lily’s Artworks – Odds and Sods

  1. Hi Lily, I like your artwork too, I’m doing an arts degree, and I drum too, so the kit is cool, though I would never sit at it 😛 My fav pic has to be the lad with the fox. I saw it somewhere else I think, I’m a self-sufficiency farmer with a wood on my land with a resident fox and badger. Told you we were alike. Don’t worry I’m not a stalker, you’re the wrong sex LOL
    P.S Love the parrot 😛

    • The lad with the fox is the cover to Chris T. Kat’s book Secret Chemistry – I agree, it’s a great illustration.
      I’m chuffed you like my artwork – did you check out the other exhibitions? My kids won’t go hiking or to the beach with me anymore because I rope them into making temporary sculptures!
      Brave man having a parrot anywhere near your pecker!

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