Lily’s Artworks – Balance Exhibition

BALANCE was a series of Sculptural Interventions built using materials from the natural world as a reference for balance in everyday life.

The works incorporated balance in its many guises: a balance of colour, a balance of shapes, or a balance of material.

In Balance, I went back to the basics, seeking an art devoid of artifice. Through the works, I have come to realise that life mirrors nature, and nature is in a state of constant change. The key to a happy, successful life is adapting to change rather than fighting it.

The same applied to the creating of the artworks contained within the exhibition. For the works to be successful, I had to adapt to the prevailing climate, season, weather conditions, tides, materials at hand, and the landscape itself.

In nature we have that which is solid and enduring alongside that which is transient and fragile. We have that which is detailed and intricate beside that which is simple and humble. It is the transient nature of these pieces which was the most difficult to come to terms with for me. Up until Balance, I’d strived to create artworks that were strong, endurable, and lasting. They’d often incorporate modern technology, such as mechanisms to facillitate movement, or special lighting. Accepting that the tide, wind, or rain could take all my efforts away in a matter of minutes, or hours, was a test of commitment to my aim.

My goal was to inspire the viewer to experience again the wonder they had as  a child. To see the simple beauty in a daisy, make shapes out of clouds, or watching an ant at work.

I wanted them to look about themselves and appreciate with an unjaded eye the wonder in even a small, resilient weed.

Bushfire Circle from the Balance Exhibition
Leaves graded by colour forming a 3 metre circle about a burnt gum tree

Dancing tree from the Balance Exhibition
Burnt Gymea Lily fronds wrapped barber-pole style about the trunk of a burnt gum tree

3 sentinels from the Balance Exhibition
Rocks layered into 3 sentinels along the Nobby’s Lighthouse break-wall

Circles at the Pines from the Balance Exhibition
Gum leaves arranged into concentric circles on a bed of pine needles

Sunlit Circle from the Balance Exhibition
Rocks arranged intoa 3 metre circle on the reef at Nobby’s Break-wall

Bush Bullseye from the Balance Exhibition
Leaves graded into colour and arranged as a bulls-eye

Grren Path from the Balance Exhibition
A path swept through the Australian Bush for approximately 200 metres

Point the Way from the Balance Exhbition
Leaves graded into colour arranged as an arrow in the Watagan Mountains

Criss-Cross from the Balance Exhbition
Sticks arranged in a lattice-like pattern in the Watagan Mountains

Circles at Monkey Face Lookout from the Balance Exhibition
Stick arranged into concentric circles at Monkey Face Lookout in the Watagan Mountains

Beach Circle from the balance exhbition
Beach stones arranged into a 3 metre in diameter circle

Azalea Circle from the Balance Exhibition
A hole cut into my very lush Azalea Bush!

A different perspective from the Balance Exhibition
Woven ferns

Meandering LIne from the Balance Exhibition
Azalea petals arranged in a weaving line along a rock wall at Newcastle University

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