Lily’s Art

I thought, when I was saving all the images of previous artworks and exhibitions to an external hard-drive, I was being organised and security conscious.

Well, that didn’t work out too well for me, as the external hard-drive crashed and I lost most of my images – my record of artworks created from twenty years of my art practice.

The images seen on these pages are the small number I managed to salvage, or were given to me by people who had viewed the shows, or owned one of the pieces. They are, by no means, extensive, and in some, the quality of the image is lacking, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway.

To view a particular exhibition, hover your mouse over the menu and a drop down list will appear. Click on desired desired show.

Alternatively look at the left sidebar and an image from each exhibition is showcased. Click on the image to be taken to that particular show!

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