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( IYLS )



David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.



Contentment, rather than panic, flowed through my body when I woke to find Jere wrapped about me once more. I’d have happily spent the remainder of my life camping with no electricity, no hot running water, no creature comforts whatsoever, if it meant I could wake with Jeremy spooning me. I had no words for how good it felt. How right. And if anything, this time it felt better, because this time, I could feel his morning wood pressing against the crack of my ass.

Of course, I was still having a bit of a heaven and hell tug-of-war, but the torture was sweet. Fighting my body’s urge to grind my butt against his cock, and ignoring the insistent aching throb of my dick seemed a small price to pay to be able to lie in his arms. My only regret was we’d both worn boxers and tees to bed, and I couldn’t feel the bare flesh of his chest pressing against my back.

Same as the previous morning, he was lightly holding and caressing my hand. It was so gentle, so sweet. Who’d have thought my rough-and-tumble, ever the prankster, Jere would be such a cuddler? Perhaps, that was unfair. He’d always been affectionate. Always ready with a hug, or a casual arm about the shoulders. He’d always liked physical contact. This, however, was different. This was… tender. And I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Our linked hands hovered just above my bellybutton, dangerously close to the satin clad head of my cock. With a tilt of my hips, they’d make contact. As that thought occurred so did another…

With one flick of my free hand, I could slip my cock through the piss slit of my boxers… I could have Jere touch me, just this once…

And then the internal war started for real…..



I’d like to say it was a strenuous battle, that I fought hard, but in truth, it was not.

Temptation won.

Temptation won easily.

I knew it was wrong.

I knew I was making him engage in something I hadn’t given him a choice in; that he was an unknowing participant.

But once, just once, I wanted to feel his hand on my cock.

Once, just once, I would knowingly do the wrong thing.

Teasing open the slot in my boxers, I reached in and freed my dick. It was so hard at the idea of being anywhere near Jeremy’s hand there was a very real possibility I would climax instantly upon contact. Fear only heightened my arousal. At that point, I don’t think anything, short of death itself, would have worked to temper my excitement. My balls were drawn so tight to my body, I thought they might actually disappear inside me. I took a few calming breaths in an effort to still the erratic thudding of my heart, but it didn’t work.

With one last exhalation, I tilted my hips…

And then it was done.

The head of my cock rested lightly against the side of his thumb. Scrunching my eyes closed, I held myself still, savouring the sensation. It was sublime. It was ridiculous that something so small, so minor, could be so wonderful, but it was. It most certainly was.

Jeremy didn’t stir.

Having crossed one taboo boundary, I flirted with danger, becoming even more daring, more than ready to cross another.

I pulled back a fraction before once again pushing forward, changing my angle slightly. The tip of my dick was now pressed against the side of our palms where they met. I don’t know what was hotter—our hands or the head of my tool—and really, what did it matter? I couldn’t recall ever having been so turned on.

All it would take was one tiny shove, and I’d have my cock encased between our palms, but I restrained myself. Gritting my teeth, I held back, resisting the urge that was in every living male creature, when aroused, to thrust until their seed had been spilled. I trembled with the effort, sweat gathering on my scalp, one droplet sliding down the back of my neck. I bit back a moan at the feel of Jeremy’s warm breath on the moist trail it left behind on my skin.

My cock seemed to throb in time with my thundering heart, and with each pulse, I was aware of the precum being smeared on the outer edge of my palm, and knew Jeremy’s was being besmirched too. Time was running out. I should pull away before he woke. He was an early riser… he’d wake soon. Just ten more seconds.

Jeremy foiled my plans. He snuggled closer, pressing his erection more firmly against my tilted hips, effectively locking me in position. To pull away would mean grinding myself on his cock. A small strangled whimper escaped me, which Jere answered with a soft moan and thrust of his hips. Christ, how I wanted to take a ride between his groin and our linked hands. Clamping my lips together, I closed my eyes and tried to hold myself still and breathe normally.

Now I truly was in heaven-hell.

In order to free my dick, I risked waking him, but if I stayed where I was I’d continue to leak my juice on him, and eventually he’d wake, anyway. Either way, I could be screwed. I had no choice. I had to push my ass into his crotch, and hope to God, if he woke he’d freak out same as he had the previous morning, and roll away from me. Hopefully, in that tiny window of opportunity I could shove my wayward cock back into my boxers, and he’d be none the wiser, well, unless he noticed a bit of stickiness on his hand…

One… two… three. With a gentle shove, I pushed my ass back against him, and, no surprise, my dick was unhappy to have lost contact with his flesh. Not giving myself time to think, I used my free hand to quickly slip my cock back inside my sleep shorts.

As expected, Jeremy woke with a sleepy murmur. “What?”

His drowsiness didn’t last long, his sharply indrawn breath telling me of his growing awareness. In a flash, he released my hand, and in his haste to withdraw, I felt it scrape across my hips. I could but pray that the action wiped it clean of my secretions.

True to my expectations, he rolled onto his back, resting for only a moment before sitting up and groping for his clothing. Seconds later he was exiting the tent, and I was left to mourn his loss.

What I’d done was wrong, I knew that, but I couldn’t bring myself to regret it.

At least, regardless of what happened in the future, I would have this one brief bittersweet moment to remember.


Having not spent so much as one minute alone since I’d woken, I opted to stay and ride a few more waves when the Jeremy and the other guys chose to head back to camp. I wanted a few moments to myself to replay and savour my recklessness of the morning. Not by word, look, or deed had Jere indicated he was aware of my actions, so it would seem, I’d gotten away with it. I promised myself I wouldn’t repeat it. I’d had my one moment, and I’d have to be content with that, regardless of how tempting it was to try and duplicate it. If I was being honest, I was scared I’d try to take things even further.

Feeling my dick start to chubby up, I bade farewell to my memories of Jeremy’s hand, and seeing the makings of a good wave rolling in, I paddled hard and caught it into the shallows.

Approaching our camp, I couldn’t see any of the guys, but just as I was about to call out I overheard Garth, his question to Jeremy stopping me in my tracks.

“Aren’t you worried about sharing a tent with him?”

It was Tony who stepped in. “Garth, that’s out of line.”

“But he’s gay. A poof. He probably wants to fuck you, Jeremy. You heard him. He likes blonds,” Garth persisted.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake. You like blonds, too, Garth, so should Tony, here, be worried that you’ll screw Melissa if you were left alone with her!” exclaimed Jeremy, sounding irritated.

“Of course not! That’s different. Mel is my friend and Tony’s girl. I don’t see her that way.”

“Well, David is my oldest friend, and knows I’m straight, so I’m certain I can trust him not to fuck me, as you so nicely put it, without my permission!” fumed Jere.

I cringed at his words, knowing I had, indeed, betrayed his trust, even if only in a small way.

“But what if he tries to seduce you? You could wake up and find him sucking your cock. What will you do then?” God the guy was like a dog with a bone.

“You know what, Garth? Now you’re really beginning to piss me off. David is my friend. He doesn’t see me that way, and I’ve just about had a gutful of you insulting him. Are you listening to yourself? Just because he’s gay does not mean he fancies every man he comes into contact with simply because they have a cock dangling between their legs.”

Despite knowing I did see him that way, I smiled to hear him use my words from our argument.


“Okay, enough you two, we’re all mates here, and he could be back any moment.”

Neither Jeremy, nor Garth answered him, but I heard movement and realized it was time to make my presence known. Running on the spot for a few seconds hoping they’d think I’d just jogged up the beach, I called out, “Hey guys, where are you?”

“Round here,” answered Jeremy. “You want a beer, Davie?”

“Sure,” I called out, pushing the tail end of my board into the sand.

All three emerged from the far side of the tents, their arms laden with beer and nibblies. We settled into our respective seats and in typical surfer fashion re-hashed all the great rides we’d had during the day. And just like a fisherman would exaggerate the length of the fish he’d hooked, so too did we describe in generous terms the size of the waves we rode.

I had to hand it to the three of them—they hid their little altercation well. They appeared normal. The only thing that gave them away was the odd look thrown around, which had I not overhead their talk, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I did, however, notice Jeremy’s gaze landing on me more often than our conversation warranted.

During an early barbeque dinner of hamburgers and jacket potatoes, Tony suggested, we head into Nelson Bay to listen to a band he’d heard was good that was playing at one of the pubs. I declined, not wanting civilization to intrude on my time off from work and study, but Garth agreed to go with him. Jere, surprisingly, chose to stay with me. Being such a party animal, I really thought he’d be keen to join them.

So there we were, much the same as our first night camping, lounging in our fold-out chairs by the fire, with me sipping on a bourbon and dry, and Jere, a rum and Coke.

It was nice. We were just mellowing out, chewing the fat, and sharing a joke. I think the bourbons must have loosened my tongue as I was doing more talking than I usually did. I was trying to describe to Jeremy how my friend, Sam, who he’d heard of from both me and his friends, but had never met, danced. I was making a mess of it. After my third attempt was spoiled by my being doubled over with laughter and sloshing a little of my bourbon on the sand by my feet, I declared, “I’ll just have to show you.”

Heaving myself out of my seat, I spilled a little more of my drink on the sand before I managed to balance the cup on my chair.

“Okay, now in your head, imagine you can hear the Bee Gees singing, Night Fever,” I told him as I struck the signature pose of John Travolta that had been used on all the posters to promote the famous movie.

Sucking in my cheeks in an effort to contain my laughter, I began to dry hump the air. Jeremy immediately cracked up, which just encouraged me to get more enthusiastic in my gyrations. The more he laughed the more exaggerated my moves became, until, finally, I attempted Sam’s over-the-top take on the classic disco spin. I’d probably have carried it off had I been on a dance floor, but the soft sand gave way beneath my foot and the next thing I knew, I was falling. It all happened so quickly. One minute I was upright; the next careening out of control.

I caught one glimpse of shocked awareness on Jeremy’s face before my chest collided with his, knocking the breath out of both of us. The force of the contact had the front legs of his deckchair lifting from the ground, and for a moment we teetered back and forth before we over balanced and toppled completely over.

My chest bounced against his, and I felt the air being forced out of his lungs. The seat somehow slid from under us so that only our feet were making contact with it, and there we were sprawled in the sand, with my body fully covering his, our cocks mashed together, my lips scraping roughly over his cheek and ending by his ear. My traitorous dick immediately sprouted a boner. I felt something hard pressing against me as well, but in my panic to hide my erection, I didn’t give myself time to speculate on what it was. Leaping to my feet, I panted as much from my arousal as from my exertions. I wanted to beat a hasty retreat and adjust myself because I was certain my board shorts weren’t doing a great job of concealing my hard-on, but I had to check he wasn’t injured first.

“Oh, my God, I’m sorry, Jere! Shit, man, did I hurt you?”

Rolling to his side, away from me, he answered me a little breathily. “It’s okay, Davie, I’m just a bit winded.”

Seeing that he was unhurt, I muttered, “Great. Well, that’s a relief. I’m, um, just going to take a quick leak. Be right back.”

By the time I returned with my cock under control, Jeremy had set our camp back to right. We resumed our seats, both of us chuckling.

“So from that, um, demonstration, can I assume that Sam gets the girls by disguising a crash tackle as a dance move?”

I laughed. “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Hmm, interesting technique. Does he have much success with it?” Jere’s voice was serious but his grin belied his tone.

“Surprisingly, yes. The chicks really love it.”


I knew before I even opened my eyes that this morning our roles had reversed and it was me spooning Jere. That it was my chest pressing into the broad expanse of his back, my arm lightly draped over his waist, and my nose in his saltwater-coarsened hair. I adjusted my position slightly to tilt my hips away from his backside, keeping my thigh pressed to his, hyper aware that the only thing separating his flesh from mine was the thin cotton of our t-shirts and undies. God, how I longed for there to be no barrier between us.

So close and yet so far.

Would he freak out if I stayed where I was until he woke? I wasn’t sure. What did the looks he’d been giving me over the last couple of days mean? Was he curious? Could he possibly be bi? He’d defended me so vehemently to Garth, his desire to have me oblivious to their conversation blatantly obvious. Was his erection of the previous morning just a morning wood or had it been caused by my proximity? And what about last night when I’d unceremoniously landed in his lap? I could have sworn he was hard. Was he? Or was it wishful thinking on my behalf? If only I had some answers I would know what to do. Fuck, why is this so complicated?

So close and yet so far.

I inhaled, drawing the mixed scent of the sea and the faint echo left from Jeremy’s shampoo deep into my lungs. Pursing my lips as if to kiss, my mouth hovering a mere fraction of an inch from the warm flesh at the nape of Jeremy’s neck, I imagined how he would feel and taste under my lips. It would be heaven. I just knew it. The fleeting contact my lips had made with his cheek the previous night, no matter how brief or rough, told me that.

Do it, David. Just fucking do it.

Drawing in another deep lungful of air, I searched myself, seeking a little courage, and… finding it as elusive to pin down as water, I sighed, closing my eyes and air-kissed the back of his head, before rolling away and reaching for my clothes. After my indiscretion of the previous morning, I was determined to conduct myself in a way that upheld his trust in me.

As quietly as possible, I crawled to the door of the tent and let myself out, a small shiver running through my body. The morning air felt cool on my bare skin after the warmth of being snuggled up to Jere.

I paused a moment to stretch and take in the picture postcard sunrise unfolding before my sleepy eyes. It really was beautiful. Sweeping pale lemon tones deepened to gold and orange, broken only by feathery lilac clouds. The ocean appeared so dark a blue as to be almost black, the waves perfect, curving over in deep blue arcs before crashing impressively into mauve and blue tinged froth that raced towards the sand only to lose momentum upon reaching their goal.

Without conscious thought, I donned my wetsuit, grabbed my board and headed for the north point. A solo morning surf was exactly what I needed to clear my Jeremy-filled head.

It was peaceful yet energizing, serene yet revitalizing, to be the only person out on the water, catching waves as the sun slowly rose in the sky, staking its claim to the day and putting the night to rest.

My little piece of solitary paradise lasted long enough for me to catch three almost perfect waves before I was joined by Jeremy.

Paradise now had an edge to it.

A sexual edge.

“Hey, why didn’t you wake me, Davie?” he asked as he parked his board next to mine beyond the line of the breakers. He shook his wet hair back from his face, the water spraying out and forming a momentary halo about his head, the sunlight catching the droplets and casting rainbows within their depths.

Needing to look away from his gorgeous face before my gaze gave me away, I turned to stare at the shore and shrugged. “You were snoring.”

It was a lie, of course. Not once since we had met up again and shared a sleeping space had I heard him snore, but what was I going to say? I needed to get away from you because I feel like you’ve hijacked my mind? Or maybe, I had to leave the tent before I dry humped myself to sweet oblivion against your gorgeous arse? Yeah, those truths would go down real well, especially as he didn’t think I looked at him that way. Fuck, I wished I didn’t see him that way. Life would be so much simpler if I could just leave my attraction to him behind.

“I was not!” he protested, a grin lighting up his face. He knew I was talking shit.

“How would you know? You were asleep.” I continued to stir him, biting my lip to suppress my smile.

“I do not snore. Someone would have told me by now if I did,” he argued, splashing me with water.

“You mean some of the all-you-can-eat-buffet chicks actually got to spend the night?” Laughing, I glanced sideways, catching him shaking his head in protest at me, his mouth open, ready as ever to argue. “How about you give those tonsils of yours a rest for a change and catch a wave, you lazy arse,” I teased, indicating a beautiful wave that was fast approaching us.

“Oh yeah, you are on,” he crowed, paddling fast.

We surfed for a few hours, teasing and chatting, between rides, staying out longer than we should have. It seemed to me that Jeremy was as reluctant as I was to have our weekend end. Finally, hunger and the need to get back and pack up camp, saw us catching a wave in and trudging up the beach with our boards under our arms.

Just as we drew level with Tony and Garth’s camp they emerged from their tent, Tony leading the way, looking tousled and a little rough around the edges. Garth looked even worse. Must have been a big night at the pub! I was feeling a bit ambivalent about Garth; guys like him, with their stereotyped idea of what being gay meant, were the reason I didn’t come out until after I’d left high school. Jeremy might describe him as a good mate, but I thought ignorant was the more apt adjective to describe him with. He was one of those rigid thinkers, with not a tolerant or creative thought in his head. Still, he was a mate of Jere’s, and so I decided to cut him some slack and keep my thoughts about him to myself.

That didn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy baiting him a bit, though.

“Jeez, Garth, I was beginning to think I was going to have to come into your tent and shove my nice big cock up your arse to wake you! You know, my red racing car one. Maybe that’s what I should have done to you before a race. You might have swum faster!”

I sucked in my cheeks, biting the insides of my mouth to keep a rein on my laughter as I took in everyone’s reactions to my words, enjoying them all. From Jeremy choking on his own breath, his eyebrows just about disappearing into his hairline, to Tony’s knowing grin, and best of all, Garth’s horrified, borderline panicked expression. If he’d looked a little hung over before, he now looked positively green.

Seeing him take a step back to almost hide himself behind Tony saw me surrendering to my need to laugh. “Too easy, man. That was just too fucking easy,” I chortled, noticing that, though Jere and Tony joined in my laughter, Garth did not. I winked at him. “Don’t worry, sweetcheeks, you’re not my type. Remember?”

Deciding I’d stirred the pot enough for the time being, I turned and continued on the short distance to Jeremy’s and my campsite, happy to find that he’d stoked the fire before joining me in the surf. In no time at all I had the billy set and the last of the Hot Cross Buns warming. Hopefully, they wouldn’t take long—I could hardly wait—I was starving.

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