Gay as Mardi Gras – Excerpt 02

mardi gras one liners


by Lily Velden

soon to be released by


UGH, I think you guys jinxed me!

I went to upload another one-liner teaser and for some reason my blog spat the dummy and won’t show the image!

So now you get an excerpt instead!

Hope you enjoy.


This is our second fancy dress party. Apparently they have one a week. For the first one Daniel somehow managed to convince me to go as Spiderman. Yeah, you got it; tight, and I do mean tight, look-at-me, electric-blue spandex that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I felt like I had a neon sign not only on my ass but also my dick. It made my package look as if I was hung like a Clydesdale. On the surface that may sound good, I mean what guy doesn’t want to be thought of as having a big cock? But you’ve got to remember, folks, this is a gay cruise. I spent most of the night swatting enthusiastic hands away from my nether regions, and you should try taking a leak while wearing one of those suits. I have a whole new respect for superheroes.

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