Pancakes and Passion CH 05: Pancake Boy to the Rescue

Maple Syrup on Pancakes



“Well, hello, big boy,” he cooed.

Christ, he coos well. My cock rose like a snake to the snake charmer’s lute, or whatever the hell instrument it is they played. I decided, then and there, I believed in reincarnation. It was the only explanation. Rory had to have been a mermaid in a past life. How else could he have serenaded my dick that way? I think, at that point, he could have gotten it to jump through fire hoops and thrown a somersault or two while he was at it. Hell, it would have climbed Mt Everest, sans snow gear, had he asked it to.

And me?

Yeah, I reckon I was Stretch Armstrong in a past life. That was the only logical explanation for the size and flexibility of my joystick. I could have tied my cock into a pretzel and still punched a hole in the stratosphere. You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

A lifetime later. I’m not exaggerating. That’s what it felt like. A lifetime later I was finally naked.

Rory smiled sweetly.

I panted like a dog.

Rory leaned down.

I panted like a rabid dog on uppers.

And then his warm breath fanned over the head of my aching dick… and I thought, “Fuck, don’t come! You can’t come from hot breath!”


Oh my God!

Embarrassment plus.

Scratch that.

This was beyond mere embarrassment.

This was a catastrophe.

Please Lord, let the earth open up and swallow me whole. Preferably with some hellfire and brimstone to turn me into a pile of ash.

I came with the force of an out of control fireman’s hose.

I practically had to wrestle my cock to the ground.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not. I wish I was. God, how I wish I was.

Meanwhile, Rory, was screeching like a banshee.

He didn’t have to tell me why.

Cum in your eyes stings like a bitch.

Worse than a bitch. That implies only one…

And it didn’t stop there…

Holy effing dooley, but I got it all over his face… in his hair… it dribbled down his throat… his chest… across one nipple.

It was freakin’ everywhere!

Jesus! Since when had I turned into Niagara effing Falls?

Must have been all those coffees I’d consumed while waiting for Rory to finish his shift. Caffeine is a diuretic, after all…

Talk about killing the moment.

One minute we were about to flash our day pass into nirvana, the next, I’m giving Rory a cum bath and he’s squealing like a stuck pig. I may have just blinded the love of my life with my love juice!

I went into rescue mode.

He’d already rolled away from me which saved me from having to toss him off—be grateful for small mercies, I told myself. I grabbed him and did my best Arnie/Rambo/non-superhero-with-non-super-powers, but definitely heroic move, and tossed him over my shoulder and made a run for the bathroom.

My Niagara cum attack called for the big guns—full-on shower. No dabbing of the eyes with a corner of the sheet was going to suffice. No swab with a bit of stale water from the glass on my night stand. They obviously needed a proper rinse. I had to save the sight of my love. His eyes were too beautiful to be left blind.

Who was I kidding? Life on Earth depended on my saving his sight.

Well, my life on Earth did.

The pitch of Rory’s squeal just about shattered the shower screen.


Okay, add a bit of hot water…

Muted whimpers from my light-o-love.


Tepid water on hot sexy bod is better, apparently, than ice cold… You learn something new every day.

Fuck! The neighbors are banging on the door!

What to do?

What to say?

‘Oh, hey, Mr. Jones, sure we can keep the noise down. I may have just blinded the love of my life, but we’ll try to be quiet about it. Of course, I understand. Mary goes to bed early…’

I angled the shower head spray onto Rory’s face, kissing him on the forehead quickly before I made a dash, dripping water the whole way, to the front door. I threw it open.

“Oh, hey—

You’ve got to love how the sight of a wet naked man can stop a straight guy in his tracks and leave him speechless, not knowing where to look. Have they never seen a cock before? I mean, they have one of their own, after all. It’s not like it’s some big-headed alien with a double chin bursting out of my gut. It’s hanging, well, (smirking now) jutting from between my thighs, (no going soft after cumming for this stud) but I’m sure Mr. Jones’ pleasure stick has also at some time, ah, jutted. Well, okay, thinking of Mrs. Jones, maybe it’s been a while…

“Mr. Jones…”

“Yes, well, um… ah… um…”

And then he sneezed.

“Let me guess, Mr. Jones. The noise?”

Dumb nod.

LOL, the power of a naked cock! Silences even the most vocal of people. Begs the question: why has no one created the comic book hero; SuperCock? He could silence the villains with one flash of his one-eyed snake.

And another sneeze.

“We’ve had a cum-in-eye incident, but don’t worry, I have it under control. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go save the sight of the love of my life.”

Another dumb nod followed by a sneeze.

“Um, you have, um…” Mr. Jones shakily points to my shoulder.

I swiped my fingers over my shoulder, collecting a bit of my cum.

And the geezer sneezes again.

Is he allergic to the sight of a naked cock?

“Ah, yes, part of cum-fallout. Thanks, Mr. Jones. Most observant of you. Now, I really must go and divert further cum-disaster. The fate of my world depends upon it!”

I slammed the door in his face, ‘cause if the sight of a naked cock can make a straight man speechless, or in the case of Mr. Jones, sneeze uncontrollably, well, the sight of a naked male ass is enough to have them faint on the spot.

I couldn’t risk another medical emergency at my front door.

My beautiful, but currently blind, Rory, needed me.



8 responses to “Pancakes and Passion CH 05: Pancake Boy to the Rescue

  1. LOL, oh poor Pancake Boy! I was not expecting that. He was cock-blocked by you too! Oh I hope Rory is okay and that Mr. Jones survived his encounter with PB. The whole scene made me LOL. I love his running dialogue. Well, there is always the shower…keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Oh. My. God. Sitting in a cafe reading this laughing my head off with idiots staring at me from all sides! Choke. Splutter. There goes some of my teacake!! Lily my lovely, I haven’t laughed so much in ages…which is more than I can say for Pancake Boy, snicker. Just picturing him doing a Tarzan has started me off again, wipes eyes. 🙂

    • LOL, Bev! As long as you’re not doing the coffee/coke… or any liquid, really, thing out of your nose, you’re good!

      Keep laughing – everyone will want to know what you’re eating LOL, Just ask Meg Ryan!

      And, yes, poor Pancake Boy! Let’s hope he can save Rory’s sight and, um, relieve a little tension!


  3. Sorry I’m late to the party again Lily but not been feeling so clever. Finally got around to reading the further adventures of PB and Rory, and thanks.. Its cheered me up no end! Will these two EVER get the deed done? LOL! “The cum-in-eye incident”… Sounds like an episode of CSI and I’d definitely read a comic book about ‘Supercock!’ …is it a bird? Is it a plane… NO! Its a one eyed trouser snake!!!! Hahaha… I love it. 😀

    • So sorry to hear you’re not feeling at your best, Macky. I’m glad that PB and Rory were able to help, even if only in the smallest of ways.

      LOL, yes poor boys – I wonder if they regret taking up residence in my head????


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