Hi All,

I’m flashing again with the Free Fiction Friday Group!

As a gentle reminder (LOL), my contribution to the group will be an ongoing tale set in Australia.

I hope everyone is enjoying the journey with Davie!!!!!!!!



( IYLS )



David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.




Abruptly, all sound ceased. Cautiously, I raised my head, my gaze immediately going to the screen. It was blank except for the frame and toolbar. With shaking fingers and my heart in my mouth, I reached for my mouse, hovering over the replay button. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, trying desperately to ignore the way my cock was twitching in anticipation, I clicked on the re-play icon.

Am I gay? Holy hell, am I gay?

One glance at the reaction my cock was having at the sight before my eyes and the sounds washing over my ears, gave me my answer.

Jesus fucking Christ, I’m gay.



David (aged 18)

Squinting, I peered more closely at my reflection in the full-length mirror. If it weren’t for my hair, I’d hardly have recognized myself. Hot damn, you scrub up all right, Sadler!

I grinned at my reflection, happy now that I’d dug my heels in and insisted on a black shirt to go with my black tuxedo and tie. Mum had complained, saying I looked like a gangster. She’d wanted me to go traditional and wear a white shirt, but I’d told her that was too gay. I snorted, knowing that was a bit rich coming from me, considering I was gay. Not that anyone but me knew that little tidbit of info. Nah, that bit of news could wait a little longer before making its debut, at least until I’d well and truly finished high school. Wow, I could scarcely believe my school life was almost over, well, until I began university in a few months’ time, anyway.

A brief glance at my watch told me I had plenty of time before I had to collect Bobbi. Thank God she wasn’t all stupid-girly and wanting me to collect her in a limo or some equally over-the-top vehicle. I wasn’t even sure she’d be wearing a dress. Come to think of it, I couldn’t ever remember seeing her in a dress.

Smiling, I thought back over the course of our friendship, from that first day when she’d called me on my bullshit to a few weeks ago when she’d suggested we go to our Year Twelve Formal together. She was a great friend. She wasn’t Jeremy, but she was good value in her own way.


A heaviness settled in my chest as I wondered what he was doing. What would he wear to his Year Twelve Formal? Would he be borrowing his dad’s car? Driving his own? Sharing a limo with Cameron, John, and the rest of the crew? Would he even be in the country? What would he look like? Would I recognize him if I saw him again? Would he recognize me? Would he still want to be my best friend, knowing I liked cock?

I sighed sadly, flopping down on my bed. Get the hell over it, Sadler. It’s been four freakin’ years. You never found him, he never found you. Move the fuck on!

Closing my eyes, I let my mind drift, a kaleidoscope of memories of the last four years flitting across my mind. My first day at Warners Bay High with Bobbi all stroppy and showing me around. The endless laps I’d swum at Speers Point Pool, and the ribbons, medals, and trophies those early morning swims had garnered me in inter-school and state swimming competitions.

I remembered the night I’d realized I was gay, and how I’d lain in bed afterwards feeling like some of the jigsaw pieces of my life had suddenly fitted and made sense. I’d finally understood why I’d never felt the need to chase and date girls the way the other guys did, and with the wisdom of hindsight, I’d realized I’d always focused on the man whenever I’d watched hetero porn. A faint echo of the sense of relief and liberation I’d experienced at the time washed through me.

I saw Howie, my boss, patiently showing me how to flip a burger, and the long line of regulars who frequented his little burger shop. A smile tugged at my lips when I remembered how excited I’d been to receive my first pay envelope. That bit of cash had been my first step in chasing my dream—my dream of becoming a pilot. Drawing in a deep breath, expanding my lungs to capacity, I recalled my first flying lesson. The excitement. The euphoria. The freedom. The certainty in my gut that this was what I was meant to be doing.

In two weeks I’d be sitting for my Private Pilot’s License and I could hardly wait. Once I’d passed it, I only had one more hurdle to tackle in my pursuit of my goal. I had to get accepted into the Aviation degree at Newcastle Uni. One month. In one month the uni would be sending out their acceptance letters. In one month I’d know if all my fobbing everyone off to put in a few extra hours of study, giving up every weekend to either work or have a flying lesson, of having practically no social life, had been worth it. One month. God, I hoped it would go by fast.


Knocking on Bobbi’s door at five o’clock on the dot, I had to smother a smile as I heard the noisy clutter of heels on a tiled floor and her muttered curse, “Who the fuck invented these bloody death traps? Are there really women out there with a fetish for these things?”

The door was thrown open, revealing a vision in white and I couldn’t help the way my jaw dropped open. Instinct caused me to glance to the left, at the house number, to make sure I was at the right address.

“Yes, Sadler, you are at the correct house. You needn’t look so surprised. I am a girl, you know!” And in typical Bobbi fashion, she was scowling at me.

“Sorry. It’s just you look so different. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress before. You look… um… great. Really great, actually.” I smiled at her, meaning every word, noticing for the first time since I’d met her that she was actually very pretty.

Bobbi was always so funny and opinionated that it was easy to forget about her looks. Looking at her dress, though, I didn’t think anyone was going to be interested in her personality tonight. I couldn’t quite believe her mother was going to let her go out wearing something that put most of her small pert tits on display, but hey, I was her friend not her parent, so what would I know?

Rolling her eyes at me, she grinned. “You’re looking rather handsome yourself, Sadler. Come on in. Mum wants to take some photos of us before we make tracks.”

Whirling about, she took a couple of steps away from me and nearly went ass over tit. I lunged at her, grabbing her waist, just managing to steady her and save her from falling.

“Um, thanks. Do not say a word. Not one single word,” she warned me with a glare, and then more softly, as if to herself. “No striding; dainty dolly steps. Remember you’re a girl!”

Restraining a laugh, I followed her down the hall, her heels making quick clicking sounds on the tiles. I looked at the back of her dress, or rather its lack of one. Jesus, there’s not much holding the thing together. Hope it doesn’t fall off her! Other than a band across the lower section of her shoulder blades and the thin string-like straps over her shoulders, her back was bare to the crack of her butt. Fucking hell, the guys are going to go ape shit over her tonight! I couldn’t help wondering if she should have asked one of her big brawny brothers to take her instead. She had three of them to choose from, after all.

We both made polite smiles, Bobbi as impatient as me with the whole ‘having to pose for a photo’ thing.

“I’ll get Bobbi to email you a copy of them all, David. I’m sure your mother will want some herself,” called out her mum as we walked down the path to my car.

“Thanks, Mrs. Paterson. Mum would love that.” And she certainly would. She’d taken a bucket load of me by myself before I’d left, but I knew she’d love some of me with Bobbi—she adored her.

Opening the passenger door for Bobbi inspired her to tease me mercilessly. “Did you take gentleman pills before you left, Sadler, or do the manners come with the suit?”

“Pity wearing a dress didn’t turn you into a nice, sweet young lady.” I sighed dramatically. Bobbi’s very unladylike snort made me chuckle as I walked around to the driver’s side.

Finding a car park took almost as long as the thirty minute drive had, but finally on the third circuit we snagged one, not too far from the venue.

The look of concentration on Bobbi’s face as we made our way to the entrance made me suck in my cheeks in an effort to hold back a smile and stifle my laughter. Her clumsiness in the high heels was quite cute. If I’d been into girls, I’d definitely have been into her.

The night passed by in a blur of drinks, food, music, and laughter. At her whispered plea, I spent most of the night with my arm around her shoulder or waist to discourage all the guys that were obviously seeing her in a whole new light. The way they gawked at her was hysterical. I drank bourbon and coke after reaching a compromise with Bobbi—she wanted me to drink martinis à la James Bond, because according to her, beer and tuxedos didn’t go together. I knew that was just a load of bullshit but I humored her anyway. Besides they went down real easy.

Way too easy as it turned out.


The feeling of light on my face woke me. Fuck, I must have forgotten to pull the blinds down last night. Groggily, I opened my eyes, expecting to find myself in my own room.

In a nanosecond I realized three things. I not in my own room. I was naked. And lying beside me in what I suspected was an equally naked state was Bobbi. What the fuck? Where the hell am I? And what in God’s name did I do last night?

Gingerly, I slipped out of the bed and pulled on my red boxers that I found lying in a crumpled heap by the bed. Running a nervous hand through my hair, I looked around the room. I didn’t need to be Einstein to figure out I was in a hotel room. Fuck only knows where, but definitely a hotel room. Shifting from one foot to the other, I stood undecided. Part of me desperately wanted to splash some water on my face, brush my teeth, and crawl back into the bed and sleep for another couple of hours. I was ashamed of the other part of me—the part that wanted to shove my clothes on and get the hell out of Dodge.

“Have you finished panicking yet?” came Bobbi’s sleepy voice from the bed.

“I’m not panicking,” I lied hoarsely, my gaze swiveling to her.

“Sure you are. I don’t suppose you’d consider delaying your panic attack for a couple of hours so we can sleep a bit more, would you?” she asked drowsily as she sat up, the sheets falling away from her, revealing her small boobs. I immediately averted my eyes. “They’re just tits, David. In fact, they are so small they hardly even qualify as boobs. Relax, they won’t bite. Please stop freaking out.” Her sigh sounded tired.

“I’m not freaking out.” I tried to speak normally, but if I was being generous, I’d say it came out more as a whisper. If I was telling the truth, I’d say it came out as a croak. I kept my gaze trained on the generic print hanging on the wall over a small desk as if my life depended on it. I think, maybe, my sanity did.

“Yes, you are. I can see it written all over you. Admit it, you want to grab your clothes and make a run for it.”

“Did we, um… you know?” I stammered, feeling my cheeks redden. There was no way I was going to admit how truthful her accusation was.

“Have sex? Yes.”

Her three-word reply unlocked the door my mind had so far kept shut and I was bombarded with one image after another of the two of us. Holy shit! We fucked! More than once… Oh, my God, I even fucked her arse!

“You better sit down. You look like you’re going to pass out.” Her voice was the gentlest I’d ever heard it.

Slumping on the corner of the bed, I turned to her and any verbal filter I may once have possessed deserted me, “I’m gay.”

“I know.”


It was the second last night of the end of high school trip I’d taken with Bobbi and a few of the guys. We’d gone north, to the Gold Coast, same as just about every other school leaver does. We were all eager to experience that first lick of freedom, which meant we spent each day either drinking, or recovering from drinking. A group of us had headed off to a nightclub we’d been told about. It certainly lived up to its hype, blowing anything Newcastle had to offer out of the water. Talk about slick.

“Hey, I know you!” exclaimed a small, brown-haired girl with huge boobs, grabbing my arm as I pushed past her in the crowd. Leaning down a little to squint in her face—she really was quite short—I peered closely at her.

It was hard to tell, because of the dim lighting and the flashing strobe lights on the dance floor, but I was pretty sure I’d never laid eyes on the chick before.

“Nah, don’t think so. I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else,” I yelled in her ear in an effort to be heard above the heavy bass of the music. Christ, it felt like my whole body was vibrating with it!

“No, I definitely know you. I never forget a pretty face! We met once at a party.” She followed her words with a knowing grin.

Grow a seven inch plus cock and lose the tits, babe, and I might be interested. I grinned back, liking the fact that she didn’t know she was wasting her time with me. I liked that she didn’t realize I was gay.

Putting her hands in my hair and cupping my skull, she pulled my face down to hers, licking the shell of my ear before yelling, “Hang around, gorgeous, and I’ll make it worth your while. Just like I did for your mate, Jeremy.”

I froze. I had to have heard her wrong.

“Jeremy? You know Jeremy?” My heart was pounding in double time.

“Intimately, you might say.” She laughed, and even in my shocked state she intimidated me with her confidence. The way she didn’t care that I knew she’d fucked him and was now offering herself to me. Man, she had bigger gonads than most guys I knew!

“When? When did you see him? And where? Is he here tonight?” I peppered her with questions as my eyes now roved the crowd looking for him, my pulse racing at the thought of seeing him again after all these years.

She grabbed my face, pulling it down to hers, making me look at her. Her breath was sickly sweet from the Midori she’d obviously been drinking. “No, gorgeous, he’s not here tonight. He went home today…” I didn’t hear the rest of her words as a crushing wave of disappointment washed through me, deflating me.

Her tongue pushing into my mouth brought me back to the present, and I immediately pulled back.

“Come back to my place and I’ll show you what I showed Jeremy.”

“Another time,” I croaked, suddenly needing to get out of there.

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