Hi All,

I’m flashing again with the Free Fiction Friday Group!

As a gentle reminder (LOL), my contribution to the group will be an ongoing tale set in Australia.

I hope everyone is enjoying the journey with Davie!!!!!!!!



( IYLS )



David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.




It was the first day of school, and if it wasn’t bad enough starting at a new school mid-year, I’d also been buddied up with a girl. Bloody great. It wasn’t that she was that bad, I mean, really, she was quite cool, but being shown around by a girl was not the best way for a guy to start off in a new school.

“For Christ sake, Sadler! Grow up. Get over it, will you! I’m a girl. Yep, Sadler got saddled with a girl. It ain’t the end of the world.”

Standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at me like she’d like to roast me with her eyes, she looked so funny, and before I knew it, I was laughing. “Um, sorry, Bobbi. It’s not you. Really, it’s not. It’s just, um… a guy thing.”

She gave an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “Don’t talk to me about a freakin’ ‘guy thing.’ I have three older brothers. I know all about ‘guy things.’ What it is, is a fuckin’ stupid thing. Look, we’re stuck with each other so let’s make this as painless as possible shall we?”


I mean, she had a point. We were in all the same classes except for PE. And what did it matter anyway? I was never again going to let another person matter to me the way Jeremy had, because caring for someone only meant getting hurt when they left, or you lost them.



Past (Begins with David aged 15)

“Man, oh man!” I gasped loudly and immediately regretted it. With my one clean hand, I quickly removed my headset, listening for sounds from Mum’s room across the hall. Silence. Thank fucking God.

Looking down at the mess on my other hand and lap, I grinned. Okay, that one took me by surprise. While staring at the screen, watching the tail end of the short video, I wiped myself clean with a wad of tissues.

As soon as the clip finished, I clicked on the replay button, my gaze once again glued to the action on the monitor. My cock was already twitching. Back in the saddle for Sadler! Without shifting my gaze, I reached into the back recess of the open drawer on the right side of my desk and pressed down twice on the pump with my thumb, feeling the coolness of the lube land in my cupped palm. Carefully—so as not to spill any—I removed my hand, smearing the coolness over my dick and slowly began to stroke it again.

The sight of the guy’s cock, slick with lube, pumping in and out of the chick’s ass was so fucking hot; I was hard in seconds. I watched how the cheeks of his butt flexed with each thrust, and the way his balls almost bounced against her backside. Wanting to hear the slapping sounds of their skin making contact, I fumbled a bit, but finally managed to get my headset back on. Yes! Hearing the guy groan and grunt as he pistoned faster and faster in and out of her ass, and the background noise of skin on skin, had me working my own dick at a frantic pace. My heart was pounding against the wall of my chest cavity, trying to escape its confines, when he pulled his rod out of her now gaping hole, shooting thick ropes of cum all over her back as he roared his release. Biting down so hard on my bottom lip that I nearly broke the skin, I shot my own load into a stack of tissues. I slumped in my chair, trying to calm my breathing, a stupid grin plastered across my face. Thank fuck for free internet porn!

Feeling so spent I could hardly move, I looked down at my finally soft cock. It was a wonder it wasn’t covered in callouses or fallen off with the workout it’d been getting for the last four weeks. Really, by rights, it should have been red raw and blistered with over use. Ever since I’d gotten the computer for Christmas, and Bobbi had shown me how to hide files and delete my history on the net, I’d been surfing the free porn sites late at night. They might only show short clips, but hey, some nights that was all I needed, I was fifteen, after all, and there was always the replay button! It sure as hell beat rubbing one out in the shower.


Wow! Fucking wow!

It was just the pilot, the plane, the big blue sky, and me. I could scarcely believe the only thing between me, and the air outside was a thin metal skin. All the sensations of flying were magnified in the small craft. Take-off had been steeper, the feeling of moving through the air exaggerated, and the rumble of the engine vibrated through me. If flying in a commercial airliner felt like sitting in a car up in the air, then this was like being on a motorbike in the clouds.

Feeling beyond happy, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I was finally doing it. I was learning to fly. Six months of saving every last cent I’d earned, combined with the money I’d gotten or my sixteenth birthday, and I was finally in the cockpit of a small Cessna with a pilot who was patiently explaining things to me. It was hard to concentrate—I was so excited I had to stop myself from squirming in my seat. God, if only Jeremy could see me now!

‘Okay, kid. You want to take the controls?”

“You fuckin’ betcha!” I exclaimed, without thinking. “Um, sorry,” I apologized, feeling a blush creep into my cheeks.

“Don’t apologize, son. That kind of enthusiasm is what I look for in a student. So what are you waiting for?” He laughed, as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

The moment I felt the control of the aircraft under my hands, I knew.

I knew I was going to be a pilot.

No ifs, buts, or maybes about it.

I was going to be a pilot.


Holy fucking shit! Does this mean I’m gay?

My gaze moved from the monitor to my rod and back again. As distracting as my dick’s reaction was to what was happening on the screen, I could hardly drag my eyes from what was playing out before me.

Two men.

Two really hot men.

Two really hot men sucking each other’s cocks.

My mouth pooled with saliva, an almost hysterical excitement tightening in my gut.

I wanted to have one of those dicks in my mouth.

I wanted to run my tongue around the head again and again the way one guy was doing.

I wanted to suck one of those big cocks deep into my throat.

As if in a trance, I reached into the back corner of my drawer, pumping a few generous dollops of lube into my palm. With practiced strokes, I began tugging on my rod, squeezing firmly, flicking my wrist every second or third stroke and swiping my thumb across the slit. Frantic with need, I clumsily jerked my headset on with my free hand, biting back a groan when I heard their wet sucking and slurping sounds mingled with their moans. I couldn’t hold back my gasps as my hand moved at lightning speed along the length of my dick, my balls tightening as my climax approached.

“Come in my mouth,” one said, his voice all low and breathy, before he drew the other guy’s cock back between his lips. One of his hands cupped and rolled his partner’s balls, while the other worked his shaft in unison with his mouth.

With an arching of his spine, and a whimper that almost sounded as if he was in pain, the man on his back did as he was asked and shot his load in wave after wave. I watched, gaping, as he cock pulsed and jerked. I could even see his balls contracting. At the sight of some of the cum oozing out of the corner of the receiver’s mouth, my own dick erupted in the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Panting, half in excitement and half in confusion over what had just happened, I slumped forward, my head resting on the desk in front of my keyboard.

Am I gay? Does this mean I’m gay?

The sounds of sex and of the second man’s orgasm, which was still streaming through my earphones, made me press my forehead more firmly onto the cool surface of my desk to stop myself from watching him shoot his load.

I wanted to watch him.

I wanted to watch him a lot.

Abruptly, all sound ceased. Cautiously, I raised my head, my gaze immediately going to the screen. It was blank except for the frame and toolbar. With shaking fingers and my heart in my mouth, I reached for my mouse, hovering over the replay button. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, trying desperately to ignore the way my cock was twitching in anticipation, I clicked on the re-play icon.

Am I gay? Holy hell, am I gay?

One glance at the reaction my cock was having at the sight before my eyes and the sounds washing over my ears, gave me my answer.

Jesus fucking Christ, I’m gay.

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