Hi All, flashing again with the Free Fiction Friday Group

As a gentle reminder (LOL), my contribution to the group will be an ongoing tale set in Australia.

I hope you all enjoy reading about Davie’s first kiss as much as I did writing it!!!!!!!!



( IYLS )



David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.




(David aged 9)

“Are you two at it already?” asked his mum, shaking her head at us.

“What?” we both said at the same time.

“Snap!” And then we were laughing and hi-fiving.

“You should see what I got for Christmas, Davie! I got the latest Pokemon game and there’s a hundred new Pokemon to collect. I’m so going to thrash you. I’ve collected over twenty of the new ones already. They’re so cool.”

I listened while he raved on about what he got for Chrissie and all the things he wanted to do now I was back. He never shut up. I smiled at him, remembering what mum always said about him, ‘That boy could talk under water with marbles in his mouth.’

As I listened to him, I decided she was probably right. I wanted to tell him about my holiday in Sydney and the plane, but I could wait. It was always better to let him run out of steam a bit first. I had the rest of the summer to tell him, so yeah, I could wait. Besides, I really wanted to battle him with the latest Pokemon, because I got the new one too, and I bet I could thrash him.


Chapter 02: Juicy Fruit? Really?

(David aged 9)

“But I wanna see Harry Potter,” Jere whined. God, he can out-whine Tommy when he wanted something, and that was really saying something.

“That’s for babies,” I scoffed. “Lord of the Rings is way cooler.”

“Is not!’

“Is, too!”

“Is not!”

“Is, too! Gandalf is heaps cooler than Dumbledore!”

“No, he…” Jeremy stopped for a minute, glaring at me. “Okay, maybe he is, but Harry Potter is going to finish this week, so if we don’t see it today I’m gonna have to wait for it to come out on DVD and that’ll take forever.”

“Okay, then,” I grumbled.

“At least if we see Harry Potter, Mum won’t have to come with us,” he pointed out, looking all smug and happy.

“I said okay, you don’t have to rub it in.”

Jere’s mum drove us to the cinema complex, giving us all the warnings that mothers always seemed to feel they needed to give: ‘Don’t talk to strangers’, ‘Stay together’, ‘Don’t go anywhere but the cinema’, and I had to pretend to do up my shoelace to hide my laugh because Jeremy was rolling and crossing his eyes again.

“Jeremy Hammond, I saw that!” She frowned at him in the rear vision mirror. “Now repeat back to me what I just told you!”

Jere said it all back to her in a funny sing-songy voice and suddenly my other shoelace needed fixing.

“Right, the movie finishes at 3:15, so I will be parked here waiting for you. Come straight here and don’t dawdle. Are we clear, boys?” She used her serious voice.

“Yes,” we said together.

“Snap!” We both shouted at the same time and then we were laughing and climbing out of the car, racing each other to the cinema entrance.

It didn’t take us long to buy our tickets, but there was a huge line up for the Candy Bar. It seemed to take forever to get our mega-sized cokes and popcorn, but at last we walked into the cinema showing our movie. I snorted when I saw the almost empty room.

That’s ‘cause this film is for babies!

Halfway through the movie I noticed Jere was dipping his mitts into my popcorn. “Hey, eat your own popcorn!” I whispered, giving him a bit of a shove with my shoulder.

“Nah, yours tastes way better,” he whispered back, grabbing another fistful.

“But it’s the same as yours!” How can mine taste any different? Jere is talking his crap again.

“Don’t care. Yours still tastes better.” He shrugged, grinning at me while he once again grabbed a ginormous handful, throwing his head back and making a big show of popping a few in his mouth. I thrust my carton into his hand and grabbed his, shoving a couple of pieces of popcorn in my mouth. They tasted the same, of course.

Next thing I knew his hand was diving into my popcorn again, and he was helping himself to another huge fistful. “I thought you said mine tastes better?” I muttered quietly.

“It does. That’s why I’m eating it.”

“But I gave you mine!”

“Yours still tastes better.” And I watched, absolutely gobsmacked, when he dipped his hand into my popcorn yet again, grinning and giving me a shove. “Come on, Davie, you know you wanna share with me!” Against my will, I found myself grinning back at him and tilting my carton toward him.

Jeremy was like that. Everyone, well, everyone except his mum, always seemed to give him what he wanted. One day I’m gonna figure out how he does it, ‘cause it’s cool.


“I’m gonna be a pilot when I grow up,” I whispered to him as I lay on his trundle, snuggling deeper into the sheets and mashing my head into the pillow to make it more comfortable. It was really late and we were meant to be asleep, but I didn’t feel sleepy ‘cause I was still feeling hyped from all the coke I’d guzzled with dinner.

“But I thought you were gonna be a doctor?” Jeremy said quietly from the dark space above my head. It was true, I’d always said I was going be a doctor, just like Jere’s Dad.

“Maybe, I’ll be that, too.”

“Yeah, you could be one of those flying doctors. That would be so cool, and if you had a plane you could come visit me all the time.”

“Yeah, and you could come flying with me. We could go anywhere we wanted,” I told him, but I must have spoken a little too loudly because Jere’s mum came in.

“Enough is enough, boys. Get to sleep. I don’t want to hear another peep out of you.”

She was using her serious voice, so I knew she meant business this time. I didn’t have to look at her to know she was standing with her hands on her hips and shaking her head. I was pretty sure Jeremy’s mother had bionic hearing. How else could she have caught us out all the time?

“Yes, Mrs. H., Yes, Mum,” we said together.

“Snap!” And then I was giggling into my pillow.

“You two are enough to try the patience of a saint! Sleep!”


Present Day

Reluctantly, I drew myself back to the present and turned the page. Both pages were filled with photos of Jeremy and me. I studied them all, missing him a little more with each one. We’d been such good friends. Turning another page, the photo that leaped off the page at me was the same one that always did. It was of me, taken at a beach party during our final summer together. My red hair looked like it was part of the huge bonfire I was sitting beside. It was the summer before his family left to go to Africa.

It was also the summer I had my first kiss…


Seven years earlier (David aged 14)

The side of my face which was turned to the fire felt rather hot and I thought about moving a bit farther away from the bonfire we had going on the beach out the back of Cameron’s house. I mean, the bonfire was cool and everything, but it was summer and hot even without having a fire going. There were heaps of people at the party, and by the looks of things, Jere was determined to talk to them all. He was such a party animal.

I turned to face the fire full on and stared into its depths.

What is it about a fire that makes you want to stare into it, and gets you thinking real deep?

Image after image of New Year’s Eve filled my mind. Some made me want to smile but others made me feel really sad. The stupid thing was it was some of the nice things that made me feel down. Like, how Jeremy’s dad’s face had lit up when Jere threw his arms around him for a hug. How silly was that? That should make me wanna grin from ear to ear. My dad never did those kinds of things, and I cringed a bit remembering how I’d had to quietly dash back up the stairs and make out I was in the bathroom to give myself time to get my shit together. I mean, fuck, what guy cries over that kind of stuff?

Dragging my eyes away from the flames, I searched the area surrounding the bonfire for Jeremy. I didn’t see him on my first look around, but I finally found him on the second circuit.

No wonder I couldn’t see him. That chick is all over him. Not that he seems to mind.

I turned back to the fire quickly, starting to feel cheesed off with myself. I mean, I was at a party for fuck’s sake, and here I was moping around and feelin’ like I’d like to rip the arms off the girl who was all over Jere like fucking flies on dog poop. Why was he fooling around with her when we only had another freakin’ week before he, and his family, were leaving?

Shit, only a week to go. The summer, so far, had been awesome, from the moment school had broken up for the year until right about now, that is. Yeah, it’d been great until Miss Fugly had decided to attach herself to Jeremy.

I shifted position a bit, because my leg was falling asleep and I couldn’t help pulling a face and wincing. I’d landed on my left ass cheek so many bloody times over the last week while skateboarding at the skate park with Jeremy that I now had a huge ass bruise on it. Fucking technicolor. It was all Jeremy’s fault—he was the one daring me to do harder and harder jumps and stunts and things. Give me the surf any day. I mean, I liked skateboarding, and I couldn’t believe it when the Hammonds gave me one the exact same as Jere’s, but man, I had so many bloody bruises, and so much bark off, I was beginning to look like the patchwork quilt on Mrs. H.’s bed.

“Hi, David.” A high, slightly nasally voice made me drag my eyes away from the mesmerizing fire to focus on its owner, who was vaguely familiar, but I was fucked if I could remember her name.

“Um, hi,” I said and cursed myself for the crack in my voice. Crap, I hated that, and you just never knew when it was going to happen. One minute you’d be talking fine, and the next you sounded like someone had your balls in a vice. I looked at her a little more closely, racking my brain for a name.

Come on, Davie. You can come up with her name. You can remember stupid fucking Shakespeare, so surely you can come up with the chick’s name!

“It’s me.”

Well, who the hell else would you be? Mother Theresa, for shit’s sake?

“You know. Me, Nicole.”

“Yeah, I knew that,” I lied, smiling at her in the hope of distracting her from my bullshit lie.

She plonked herself down so close to me that her thigh was pushing against mine. I moved away to give her a little more room, but she followed me, pressing the length of her leg against me.


Not really knowing what to do, I looked around for Jeremy, only to see he was now sucking face with Miss Fugly. It was pretty fucking obvious he was really into it—Jere reckoned kissing was almost as good as surfing— which just made me feel more stupid and pissed off.

What the fuck is wrong with you, David?

Nicole put her hand on my leg and pressed her boob into my arm. Did she want me to kiss her or what? And what about me—did I want to kiss her? Unlike Jeremy, I had no idea if kissing was actually as much fun as surfing as I had yet to try playing tonsil hockey with some girl.

Shit, what to do? Come on, David you can figure it out. You’ve seen enough freakin’ movies. How hard can it be?

But seeing and doing were two different things, and to be honest, I wasn’t at all sure about the whole tongue thing. I mean, what if I didn’t taste good, or worse, what if she tasted bad?

I risked another peek at Jere, and fuck me, if he wasn’t looking at me.

Did he just freakin’ wink at me?

And then I was laughing because he was giving me the thumbs up behind Fugly’s back.

“What’s so funny, David?” asked Nicole as she sidled even bloody closer.

Okay, you can do this. It’s not rocket science!

I moved in, tilting my head to the side a little, because that’s what all the guys in the movies did to avoid banging noses, when at the last moment, she pulled back.

Fuck! Shit, I got it wrong; she doesn’t want me to kiss her. Crap, how embarrassing.

Quickly, I turned my face away from her, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw her shove her thumb and forefinger into her mouth and pull out a huge wad of gum and throw it into the fire.

“Um, sorry,” she whispered, and then she had her hands in my hair and on my face turning it back to her. Her mouth was slipping and sliding all over mine.

Jeez, it never looked this messy in the movies.

Her perfume tickled its way up my nose.

Holy fucking shit! DO NOT SNEEZE. Breathe through your mouth, you dickhead!

Instinctively, I opened my lips to draw a breath only to have her shove her tongue into my mouth.

Juicy Fruit? Yuck! Just my freakin’ luck, I hate Juicy Fruit gum. Why couldn’t she have gone with PK or even bloody spearmint?

No fucking way was I going to put my tongue into her mouth now. Not that doing that was even an option with the way hers was pushing all around inside mine. I caught myself using my tongue to try and push hers out of my mouth, but hers kept tangling around mine.

Christ, she’s like a freakin’ octopus. How many tongues does she have in that gob of hers? Bet she’s sucking the life force outta me.

My lungs started screaming for breath, so I wrenched my face from hers, sucking in a huge lungful of air.

No sooner had I done it though, and she was shoving me back in the sand and fastening her slippery lips all over mine again.

Strawberry? Where’d that come from?

She had me anchored, her mouth was like suctioned over mine, and her freaking Juicy Fruit-flavored tongue was just about choking me. I was scared to breathe through my nose in case her bloody perfume made me sneeze.

Would it be rude to push her away?

Fuck! What to do? I kept trying to politely use my tongue to push hers out of my mouth, but she just wouldn’t take the hint.

Christ, did she just moan? I’m going to bloody die. She’s going to suffocate me, and they’ll all be in hysterics at my funeral when the minister says I fucking died of suffocation by kissing at a bonfire party. Jere will piss himself laughing.

I was fast running out of air again and started to panic. In desperation, I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her up and away from me, gratefully gulping in a deep lungful of air.

“You’re a good kisser, David,” she said quietly, looking down at me, her face was all rosy pink.

I am?

And then she was bending over me again, and all I could see was her shiny red lips descending toward me.

Holy shit, here we go again!

This time I was ready for her though, and sucked in as much air as I could.

Thank God for all those competitions to see who could swim the farthest underwater. Fuck, I wish she didn’t taste so sickly sweet. Freaking Juicy Fruit and strawberry. Yuck!

Her tongue was pushing and shoving mine out of the way as it touched every bloody surface inside of my mouth while mine was doing its best to avoid hers, but hey, a mouth ain’t that big of a space.

“Um, Nicole, sorry to interrupt, but Davie and I have to go now.”

I opened my eyes to see Jeremy beyond Nicole’s head, grinning down at me. By the way he was sucking his cheeks in, I could tell he was trying really hard not to piss himself laughing. Nicole didn’t hear him, at least, I don’t think she did, because her tongue didn’t pause at all in its efforts to relieve me of my tonsils.

“Um, earth calling Nicole,” Jere said a little louder, bending over to tap her on the shoulder. “You have to stop. My dad’s here to pick us up.”

At last, she seemed to realize that Jeremy was talking to her, and lifted her face from mine.

Thank fuck for that!

Scrambling to my feet, I brushed the sand off my boardies.

“Um, see you later, Nicole, it was nice seeing you again,” I croaked, trying to smile at her when what I really wanted to do was get the hell away from her and her octopus-like tongue.

“Yeah, David, it was great seeing you, too. Maybe you could give me a call?”

“Yeah, sure, bye.”

As we walked away, Jeremy was having an even harder time trying not to crack up.

“Shut the fuck up. Do not say a bloody word,” I warned, grabbing the hem of my T-shirt, and lifting it to wipe the bottom half of my face. Jeez, she slobbered all over me. Turning slightly away from him, I scraped the material over my tongue. God, how I hate Juicy Fruit gum. No way was kissing a girl better than surfing.

“So, Davie, was she kissing you, washing you, or trying to give you a tonsillectomy?” he squeaked out, just as his laughing fit got the better of him.

Next thing, I crash tackled him to the ground. We rolled around, wrestling, and I was winning, ‘cause Jere fights like a girl when he’s laughing.


Jeremy’s plane began its ascent, and my stomach did the funny sinking thing, same as what happens in elevators. When the tyres finally left the tarmac it felt as if my stomach had dropped so far down it was now somewhere around my knees.

I caught myself tearing up, which made my mother look at me all worried like, so I quickly turned my head and blinked a few times to clear them.

He was gone. Really gone. I knew I was going to miss him. None of my other school friends made me laugh the way he could. None of them got me the way he did. He could be such a dick at times, but man, he was funny. The goof had made a big show in the departure lounge of telling me our friendship was rock solid. He didn’t have to tell me—I freakin’ knew that already. He was my best mate. Always would be.


Author’s Note

I’d loved to hear your thoughts!


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