Pancakes and Passion CH 8: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

Maple Syrup on Pancakes



I glared at her, pointing to the door.

Ignore us. We’re not here.” Strumpet roughly shoved her friend into the corner, between the vanity and the wall. “See, we’re not here.”

Rory started to laugh—I couldn’t blame him—the innocent, lalala, we’re not looking expressions on the faces of my flatmates pervy girlfriends was comical to say the least.

I don’t know what possessed him, but he leaned in and nibbled on my ear lobe.

“Babe,” I groaned. “Not helping


Rory chuckled, licking the shell of my ear.

“No, babe… really. Not helping,” I moaned. Okay, truth be told, it was more a whimper.

“I think Rory’s on our side,” whispered one of the girls—I wasn’t sure which. My ability to focus was seriously compromised. In my defense, there was a tongue in my ear and a hand on my cock. How could I be expected to do something as trivial as concentrate? I mean, my melt button was being licked by the softest tongue on the planet, and my on-switch triggered by the most beautiful and talented hands ever created. Surely that justified a little befuddlement?

Wingman, if you reach out and open the mirrored door of the medicine cabinet just a smidgin we’ll get to watch from two angles.”

“Cool! Why didn’t I think of that?”

The girl’s whispered conversation roused me from my stupor. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Wingman slowly reach out to open the cabinet. I nearly snorted—did she think by doing it slowly I wouldn’t notice? She paused, inhaling sharply, when it made a slight clicking sound, before continuing in her quest to open it a few degrees further to optimize their viewing experience.

Honestly, who needed enemies when I had friends like these? Really, who did? I decided then and there the old saying of, keep your friends close and your enemies closer did not apply when it came to sex with Rory.

Did they not realize my balls were about to burst?

That would be a disaster. Not only for me, but also for the known universe if my earlier cumtastrophe was any indication. If I could just about permanently blind the love of my life just by jizzing imagine the damage I could cause if my balls exploded? It could be Chernobyl, or at the very least, open a sink-hole large enough to lose our fair city in.

Rory moved that naughty tongue of his down to my throat. I used the pause in the onslaught against my melt-button—I know. I know. Fancy a guy’s melt-button being his ears instead of something sexy like his nipples or balls. You don’t have to tell me how pathetic it is. I’m blaming my mother for corrupting me as a baby with her ear rubbing to get me to go to sleep. Anyway, I used the break in my journey to goodom that Rory unwittingly gave me to rally my forces. I gathered my senses. I dusted off my concentration, and I girded my focus.

I was ready for battle… well, action.

In one fluid motion, I had us both on our feet to a collective gasp from everyone in the room except me. Poor Rory still had his tongue hanging out. It was a testament to his beauty that he still managed to look like he should be on the cover of a magazine.

Yanking him by the hand, I dragged him after me so quickly we were but a blur of movement.

Three voices echoed, “What?”

I ignored them all, turning to slam the bathroom door shut in an effort to slow down the girl’s ability to give chase. That they would give chase, I had no doubt. After the bit they’d already witnessed, I could tell they were like a pair of bloodhounds on the scent. They were so hot for it they were probably contributing to global warming. Rory and I might be cast as the fox in the scenario but this was one fox and his mate who were going to elude the rabid hounds.

I maneuvered Rory down the hall and into my room at the speed of light. The poor guy was still mumbling and stumbling and looking generally confused. I planted a quick one on him to reassure him, but he was going to have to wait for a full explanation—first, I had to barricade my bedroom door. I wasn’t going to trust a mere deadlock to keep Strumpet and Wingman out…


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