6 responses to “COVER REVEAL: The Race is On: Book 2 of How the Light Gets In

    • Thanks, Tammy. I must admit I ceck my emails at the crack of dawn every day, waiting for the email from DsP giving me its release date. It wii definitely be thiss summer, though!

  1. I just read Same Page. I think you should do a playlist to go with it. I kept thinking while reading that it would be great to listen to the songs as they’re mentioned in the book. Especially the ones that I’m not familiar with. Can you post a playlist on your blog? I’m looking forward to book 2.

    • Hi Sonia, lovely to meet you!

      There is a playlist with youtube videos of all the songs on my blog – look on the right hand side. It’s the second “images” down that you can click on, and is titled as being the playlist.

      You may be interested in entering the giveaway on the blog of Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess as I am giving away an 8GB MP3 player with the playlist of both Same Page and The Race is On uploaded. (The link to the Scarf Princess can be found within the post advertising her review of Same Page and announcing the giveaway)

      Oh, and the list is a page under both the ‘Ponderings’ and ‘Links’ menus!

      Hope that helps!


  2. Can’t wait for book 2! Just finished Same Page. I’ll be checking back often for a confirmed release date so I can pre-order or add to my calendar.

    • Hi Raynebair! What a lovely comment to receive while I’m at work and getting buried under end of financial year crappola!

      Thank you!

      I haven’t received the official date yet, but I can say it has competed the editing process and is being galleyed (where it starts looking like the finished book) and so once that is done and proofread by me and a few Dreamspinner staff members they will allocate a release date. It will definitely be over the summer!

      Thank you for following my blog – I’ll try to keep it interesting, fun and informative!


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