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( IYLS )



David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.



I learned something as I stared at him, mesmerized.

All the technical skills in the world couldn’t compare with emotion.

They couldn’t compare with need and love.

And love him I did.

I loved him, and I needed him, and with one glance he could fill me with more emotion than my heart could hold.

Whether it was my epiphany or his loving ministrations, I would never know, but at that moment I felt the familiar tightening in my balls and my cock swelled.

“Jere… gonna come,” I warned, wanting to give him a chance to pull away if he wasn’t ready to swallow my seed.

I battled my eyes which longed to shut and revel in the sweet ecstasy of my orgasm, winning long enough to see his eyes widen and darken with emotion. An emotion that had a molten warmth radiating out from my heart, all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes which had absolutely nothing to do with my erupting cock.

As I lost myself to the moment, it struck me… this was only the beginning.



The sliver of deep lilac-gray light showing at the edges of the timber venetians that covered the large window of his bedroom told me it was still very early, as in pre-dawn early.

Jeremy’s hair tickled my nose and lips with each inhalation and exhalation, but I couldn’t bring myself to move. I loved the feel of his warm ass pressed into my groin, his back flush to my chest, and our legs tangled together. My lower arm was threatening to break out in pins and needles as Jere was using it as a pillow and had been since the last time I woke. Carefully, so as not to move my arm and dislodge him, I raised my head to peek over his shoulder, relief flooding me to see his face still peacefully asleep. Content that, for the time being at least, his dreams were pleasant, I lay back down, closing my eyes.

Sniffing his hair appreciatively, I sleepily rewound my internal movie to the tail end of the most wonderful night of my life, replaying it for my viewing pleasure. A small smile tugged at my lips as I pictured the kaleidoscope of emotions that had passed over Jeremy’s face as my load shot down his throat. First his eyes had darkened with passion and something I wasn’t quite brave enough to name, but had made my heart beating at double time. Following hot on its heels had come a look of achievement—almost like he’d just crossed the finish line first in some race—but that too had soon been replaced by surprise. God knows, I’d certainly shot a bucket load. He probably wasn’t prepared for that. His nose had scrunched up making him look young and impish, and as he’d pulled away my cock had dribbled one last drop of cum onto his bottom lip which he’d cautiously licked away. His smile had lit up his face and deepened his dimple, and I’d smiled back at him like a drunk man.

“Well, crème brulee it ain’t, but I think I could get addicted to it anyway!”

And with that he’d crawled up my body to lie on top of me, kissing me deeply, and then it was my turn to taste myself on him. It was an experience I wanted to experience again and again, preferably for the rest of my life.

Despite my protests he’d lifted himself off me to snuggle into my side, his head cradled in my shoulder and I’d wrapped my arm around him to draw him even closer.

“Was it okay, Davie?” he’d asked quietly, his forefinger drawing lazy circles around my nipple.

“It was more than okay, Jere. It was wonderful.”

“But I couldn’t get all of you into my mouth…”

“Doesn’t matter, love, it was still beyond great. I can see you’re going to be my star pupil,” I’d reassured him, kissing the top of his head.

“I hope I’m your only student,” he’d whispered, his warm breath causing a wave of goose bumps to race over the skin of my chest.

“You are. My one and only,” I’d answered, holding my breath, wondering if he knew I was talking about more than just him being my student.

His lips had pressed a soft kiss to my chest. “You know, earlier, on the stairs, when you made me come so hard, I thought that was the best moment of my life. It was certainly the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.”

“I sense a ‘but’ coming on,” I’d whispered, suddenly fearful that he was already experiencing regret.

“There is, Davie, but don’t worry it’s not a bad ‘but’,” he’d replied, placing another light kiss by my nipple. “When I was watching you as you came and knowing it was because of me and what I was doing… God, I’ve never felt so bloody fantastic in my life.” Lifting his head from my shoulder, he’d looked at me, his eyes filled with wonder. “Davie, that was really something else and I… I mean, I knew it would be good with you, but… I don’t know… I just never knew that it would be that good.”

“What? Gay sex?” I’d asked, wanting to clarify what he meant.

He slowly shook his head at me, gathering his thoughts. “No. Sex with someone you truly care about.”

My heart had somersaulted within my chest cavity. He hadn’t said he loved me, but it had been close enough for me. “Yeah, it’s pretty damn special, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is.” He’d stretched up to kiss me sweetly before settling back down in my arms, a yawn escaping him; his previous night of sleeplessness obviously catching up with him. It hadn’t taken long before his slow steady breaths and relaxed muscles had told me he’d drifted off to sleep. I’d woken a few times through the night, fearful that he was awake and brooding, or worse, regretting, but each time my mini panic attack had been for nothing, his only movement the whole night being to turn within the circle of my arms. Exhausted, but so bleeding happy and content, I allowed myself to drift off once again and join him in dreamland.


I dreamed, and in my dream Jeremy was hovering over me, smiling like a cat with the cream. He looked so damn gorgeous backlit by the sun shining through the now open venetians that he appeared to have an almost ethereal aura surrounding the tanned skin of his body. He continued to smile at me, so I smiled back somewhat dopily, his beauty making me a little stupid.

Man, I liked this dream.

And then he spoke to me, but he didn’t say what I wanted him to say, and I frowned. “No way, you lazy wanker. You are not going to go back to sleep! Wake up!”

My eyes shot open. Damn, it wasn’t a dream. It all came rushing back to me; everything that we’d shared the night before and I couldn’t help looking at him a little anxiously. I mean he certainly wouldn’t be the first bloke to rue in the morning sexy deeds done the night before, and God knows, yesterday morning had deteriorated faster than Road Runner on amphetamines.

I opened my mouth to speak but before a single word could pass my lips, Jere was leaning over me, kissing me lightly. Laughing at my confusion, he knelt on the edge of the bed, clad only in a towel with his hands on either side of my shoulders. “Good morning, cupcake! And how are we on this bright and beautiful sunny autumn morning?”

“Cupcake? Bloody hell, Jere” I croaked, blinking rapidly in an effort to get my brain to catch up with his words. “Since when did you morph into Sally Sunshine?”

“David Sadler, you’re hurting my feelings here, man. I’ve always been a morning person. You should know that,” he scolded me playfully, bending down to press another kiss to my lips, his tongue sneaking in when I opened my mouth to protest.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” I whined. “You’ve already brushed your teeth.”

“Sure have, grumble bum. Showered and shaved too,” he informed me, shaking his head and sending a sprinkle of cold water dusting over my face and chest.

My body jolted at the cool sensation and the last of my sleepiness fled in shock. Grabbing him, I rolled him onto his back, dislodging his towel in the process. “Payback’s a bitch, turtle dove!”

“Turtle dove?” he squeaked, squirming beneath me as I tickled his ribs.

I laughed. “It’s all I could come up with at short notice.”

And then I felt his erection pressing into my thigh and I had a whole new idea of how to pay him back…



I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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  1. Hi Lilly, here we are again, are you going to finish If you love something? I followed it at fanfiction and when you continued it here on your website to chapter forty-something, the chapter where David was about to met Jeremy’s parents and sister at a restaurant after not seeing them since they all moved away. That chapter hinted that Jeremy sister realized that they were more than friends.
    We were all looking forward to what happened at that dinner, which you promised that you will update that Easter, but alas, that did not happen and we were all disappointed but rallied when you brought IYLS on Free Fridays.
    Now were are back to square one, I hope that you continue IYLS so we can finally see how Jeremy and David end up. Please don’t give up on them, their story is worth telling.
    Also, how is Same Page book 3 doing, here is hoping that we all get to buy it soon.

    • Hi Donna-Lee,

      Yes, I am going to finish If You Love Something, and even have a sequel planned. I have been slowed down by a health scare that has necessitated a lot of tests being done, and of course, I now run Wayward Ink Publishing and my responsibilities to the authors who have trusted me with their work must come before my pleasure writing. I hope to be able to participate in Free Fiction Friday again next week – or at the latest the week after that. I do apologise for the delay as I do like to be consistent and reliable, but it just hasn’t been possible for the last month or two.

      I do feel I should warn you though that it is not the same story that was on fanfiction – that story was told in two POV’s and this one is told only in David’s POV. Details about the background of both David and Jeremy have changed (as an example, Jeremy has a younger brother, not sister) and the dinner of which you speak does not occur in this rewritten tale.

      The sequel to Same Page the The Race Is On which has a working title of Happily Ever After is about 2/3 done. All I can say is…. oh for more hours in the day!


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