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David and Jesse are childhood friends who get separated in their teens but meet up again at university in Newcastle, Australia.

They soon find out that though some things remain the same, other change… oh boy, do they change.



“My dear boy, how many times must I tell you? You don’t get to my age without knowing a thing or two!” Like that I don’t need incontinence pads! Haven’t they ever heard of Kegel exercises?

Hearing him give a little snort before he chuckled again caused a satisfied smile to spread across my face—the boy was learning. Nothing like a good old snort.

“Anyway, Bent Unit, I was just calling to let you know I won’t be home tonight and I have to work tomorrow but I’ll call in to visit after I finish. Okay?” I smiled into the phone. He really was such a lovely boy, always making time for a silly old duck like me.

“I’ll make you some scones, sweetie. Are you staying at Jeremy’s?” I asked, feeling certain in my bones that he was. Those two might not realize it yet but I knew they were meant for each other.

“Yes. He says ‘hi’ by the way and wants to know why I call you a Bent Unit!”

“Ooh, I do so hope you’ve convinced him it’s so much more interesting to be twisted and bent than straight and boring.” I chortled, knowing my words would be making him blush.

“I’m working on it, Mrs. G.,” he laughed, and it did my heart good to hear him so happy.

“Well, just you make sure you both do your Kegel exercises and if you don’t know what they are then go Google it, dearie. I’ve just seen the most god-awful ad for incontin— Well, never you mind. Just make sure you do your Kegels. Do you need me to spell it for you?”



“You’re blushing. What did she say this time?”

Slipping my phone into my pocket, I turned to Jeremy and smiled. “You’d think after two-plus years I’d be beyond being shocked by her, but she still seems to manage it, pretty much, on a daily basis.”

“So what did she say?”

“Um, she encouraged me, well both of us, actually, to do Kegel exercises.”

“What the hell are they?” he asked, briefly taking his eyes off the road to look at me curiously.

“They’re exercises you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.”

“Oh, right, but I thought only girls did them.”

“No, they’re good for men too. They, ah, strengthen not only the muscles relating to urinary control, but also, um, your sphincter…” I trailed off shyly, biting my lip, my face now a furnace.


Stealing a glance at him, I could see the red in his cheeks deepening.

“Yeah, and um, if you do them regularly they can give you bigger, harder erections, and ah, better orgasm control.”

And then I started to giggle. With anyone other than Jere, I’d have been mortified to giggle. God, who’d have thought within twenty-four hours of our first kiss, I’d be educating Jeremy on some of the things gay men seemed to be so much more aware of than their straight counterparts?

Jeremy snorted, joining me in my giggle fest. We sounded like a pair of teenage chicks.

“Well, um, bring them on then! I’m all for having an even bigger cock, and um, orgasm control!”


As soon as Jeremy closed the door to his terrace behind us, we were on each other. Hands grappling, lips and tongues seeking any bit of bare flesh they could find. We were in constant motion, half stumbling as we pushed and pulled each other toward the nearest lounge. I got Jere there first, giving him a small shove. He lay there, sprawled on his back with one leg on the sofa and one still on the floor; his fly unzipped, his chest bare—his tee having been discarded sometime during our tussle. Seeing the red of his borrowed boxer briefs in the tiny V of his unfastened jeans, had what could only be described as a purr rolling out of my throat. The sight of him in my clothes did things to my dick normally reserved for porn or fantasizing. And my heart? My heart liked it too.

In one swift move, I had my tee off and was throwing myself on him. Thank Christ, he wasn’t made of crystal. I’d have shattered him. I had my tongue in his mouth, and my hands in his jeans, gripping the bare cheeks of his ass and grinding myself into him.

And he had me in heaven.

One hand was down my pants, kneading and squeezing the bare flesh of my butt. The other was roving over my body, exploring the muscles of my back, moving to the front to roll and pinch my nipples. Each tweak sent a jolt of desire to my cock, making me rut against him.

God, and the sounds he was making! They made me double my efforts—I wanted more of them. I wanted an entire symphony of them.

All too soon, I felt the familiar tightening in my scrotum. It elicited a moan in protest and I pulled myself away. Skimming my lips over the light stubble of his jaw, I panted in his ear, “Stop, Jere. You have to stop, or I’m going to jizz in my pants.”

“Don’t care,” he croaked in reply, not slowing down one iota. If anything he got more enthusiastic. “It’s your turn, anyway.”

I groaned again in protest, but couldn’t make myself move away. The hand on my ass slipped around to the front where it joined its pair in torturing my nipples.

“Jere, oh fuck, Jere!”

I was beyond the point of no return. My balls drew tight to my body, my cock jerking within the confines of my jeans, every shot of my seed saturating us both.

“Davie! Shit, Davie, I can feel it! I can feel you coming!” he cried.

And then he was too, and it felt so good to have his cotton clad rod pulse against mine.

Burying my face beside his head, I could feel his hot breaths gusting into my hair, both of us gasping as if we’d just done a hundred yard sprint.

He turned a little, pressing his face more firmly into the side of mine, and I was surprised to hear him chuckle softly. Lifting my face from the pillow, I peered down on him, my eyebrows raised in query.

“Me shooting my load in my pants is fast becoming a habit,” he jokingly replied to my silent question.

“Nah,” I grinned. “Two’s a coincidence… but if it happens a third time, well…”


We were spooning in his bed, each of us having showered separately. I’d have loved to have shared his with him, but I didn’t want to rush him. He’d taken his shower first, emerging in a pair of boxers and a clean tee, and as I rose to have mine, he’d passed me a fresh towel and a set of his clothes, smiling shyly.

It was probably the quickest shower I’d ever taken. Knowing that Jere was waiting for me in the wide expanse of his bed had the normally appealing sensation of hot water streaming over my body not even registering as a blip on my radar.

When I walked back into his room and saw him sitting up in bed with the covers draped over his thighs, looking shy and nervous, my stomach fluttered. I smiled at him reassuringly, crawling up the length of the bed to join him. Once under the sheets, I pulled him down and onto his side, facing me, and kissed him softly.

“We’ll do this at your pace, Jere. No pressure. Okay?”

He nodded, a slow smile spreading across his face.

The next hour was possibly the sweetest of my life as we took our time to languorously explore each other’s mouths while our hands became intimate with the body of the other. The sparse triangle of hair on his chest captivated me. It was so fine and silky, not coarse at all, as I’d imagined chest hair to be. He, on the other hand, seemed obsessed with the matching divots at the base of my spine.

“Davie, I think your dimples were made for my thumbs. They’re a perfect fit,” he whispered before slipping his tongue between my parted lips. He took his time, licking firstly my tongue from front to back, before uncurling his to swipe the roof of my mouth, my final undoing being when his tongue dragged down the back of my teeth, skimming my upper lip as it exited. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I happily surrendered my mouth to him as he repeated his circuit again and again, and with each one I melted further and further into the bed.

As we kissed and caressed, we confessed, confiding in each other all those things that new lovers feel the need to do. While nuzzling my neck and licking my throat, he told me how he’d noticed my bare cock while we showered after our first morning of surfing together. In low husky tones he revealed his fascination. How he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it, about me, to the point where he’d masturbated to the image of me naked.

“I have to admit, it scared me, Davie.” He sucked on the lobe of my ear, breathing his words into its shell. “It’s a huge part of why I suddenly withdrew from you. It was so confusing. I didn’t know what was happening to me.”

“Ssh, it’s okay, I understand,” I quietly reassured him, turning my face to capture his mouth with mine.

I did my fair share of confessing too. While worshipping his nipples, I told him of that first night. How’d I’d seen him the moment he stepped into Howie’s shop, and how I’d freaked out when my dick had tried to punch a hole through my jeans. How I’d been a walking hard-on ever since.

“So you knew you liked me that way, the first moment you saw me again?” he asked shyly.

“Yes, Jere, from that first glance.”

Seeing my normally brash and confident Jeremy so shy and giddy made me feel privileged and special. I was certain no one else had ever seen him this way.

And so our kisses and confessions continued, with a giggle and a chuckle thrown in when we discovered that each of us had endured our ‘heaven and hell’ moments while spooning in his tent. He didn’t even mind when I told him how I’d betrayed his trust—he just laughed softly into my shoulder and called me a dirty kinky boy.

“Speaking of spooning, it’s getting awfully late, and you have to work tomorrow.” Leaning over me he cupped my face, leaning in to kiss me tenderly. “You need to get some sleep, Davie.”

Turning on his side away from me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in close behind him, sighing contentedly. And so we lay, same as we had that last morning camping; only this time I didn’t need courage to press my lips to the nape of his neck.



Authors Note

Sorry for the short chapter, folks, but the next one is a big one – 4.5K!

Besides, I wanted the boys’ sweet time to have a post on its own!


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