Bollocks Sheep's Clothing sml





(also part of BOLLOCKS: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology)


Meet Darren Murchison: self-employed plumber and reluctant werewolf…


GARY snickered. “You said ‘bollocks’,” he explained when I glared at him.

“Oh for Pete’s sake, grow up.” I stabbed a finger towards the placid brown and white shapes grazing opposite my new kitchen window. “I said ‘bullocks’. It’s another word for cows. Boy cows.”

“You’re going to fit right into this isolated farming community, aren’t you?” Gary turned on his heel, surveying my new home and the surrounding countryside with a baffled eye. “Rather you than me, but I hope you’ll be happy here.”

“I don’t see why not. There isn’t another plumber for twenty miles.” I grinned. “I’ll be fulfilling a need.”

“And what about the other thing?”

“Which thing?” I asked, knowing what was coming and looking forward to it.

Gary made his hands into claws, rolled his eyes and lolled his tongue like a zombie beagle.

Once I’d finished laughing at him, I replied, “Not a whiff. This place is ideal. Over the garden wall there’s ten thousand acres of bugger all apart from Forestry Commission larch, bracken and sheep. The nearest pack is based in Welshpool.”

Gary nodded, his expression both sympathetic and relieved. He had seen me through a lot of scary stuff, both as a staunch defender and a total pain in the arse once I was strong enough again to be teased. Coming out to him had been hard but was a piece of cake in comparison with the conversation that had begun, “You know how it was a full moon last night?”

“I’m going to miss you,” I said.

“Damn right you are. Personally, I think you’re crazy. For a start you’re English and we all know how well that goes down ’round here. Then there’s the gay thing. Who’s going to fulfil your needs?”

“I asked the estate agent. There’s a pub in Barmouth and one in Welshpool, and Shrewsbury’s not that far. I’ll manage.”

“Well, if you’re sure there’s a crying need locally for gay, English, werewolf plumbers….”


Bollocks Sheep's Clothing BANNER




Bollocks Sheep's Clothing BANNER



Elin Gregory lives in South Wales and works in a museum in a castle built on the edge of a Roman fort! She reckons that’s a pretty cool job. It certainly provides more than enough inspiration for her writing.

The button from a military jacket found in an orchard, a 16th century Venetian coin found between the cobbles of a Welsh street, a carnelian from a Roman signet ring; one can’t handle them without wondering who lost them, how much they regretted it and what kind of disaster was sparked off by the loss.

Although Elin usually writes on historical subjects, she has also written contemporary and historical paranormals, science fiction, crime and a Western, none of which have, as yet, been published. She likes her heroes hard as nails but capable of tenderness when circumstances allow.

Elin’s first published stories appeared in the British Flash and Tea and Crumpetanthologies produced by the UK Meet team. Her historical novella, Alike As Two Bees, was published in March 2012 and her first novel, On A Lee Shore, in December of the same year. Since then Elin has been juggling work and family commitments to try and keep the works in progress growing. She is currently finishing a novel about the British Secret Service between the two World Wars, is halfway through one based on a piece of epic Welsh poetry of the 7th century AD, and is planning another based in 1st century Rome and Britannia. Sometimes she wishes she could stick to one time period but any excuse to buy more books!

Elin can be found at:

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