GUEST AUTHOR: TAYLIN CLAVELLI talking inspiration and Dakota Skies

Dakota Skies


My writing muse has many hideaways

I have been asked several times, “What inspires you to write?” In truth, just about anything can inspire a story. Before I started writing, I’d go on trips and take in the view and people watch, and think – awww that’s nice. Now, wherever I go I see possible stories. I listen to the lyrics from songs more, and they can invoke images that can turn into a story.

When I wrote DIY Delights, that was brought about by DIY improvements on my own house, and an experience a friend of mine had. I used it in the story with his permission of course.

Invisible and Sleepwalking are two very emotional stories, but their inspiration came from two totally different sources. Invisible was the result of personal experience, and although I went the extra mile with the action dramatics, it showed the answer to such a problem can lie in communication. There hasn’t been a person I’ve talked to who hasn’t identified with the story in some way. As for Sleepwalking, I wrote it after listening to an Adam Lambert song. It touched me to my core and even though I’ve never seen a video for the song, it invoked many images in my head which led to me writing the story.

I am currently writing a tale which was inspired by a little church not far from me. It’s called Secret of the Manor, and will be a ghost story.

Dakota Skies was a dream for me to write. Its concept was born in the car on my way to Milton Keynes through general conversation. It didn’t take much for the idea to take off as I’d always loved westerns since I was a child. I loved playing Cowboys and Indians in the playground, and horses have been a factor in my life for around 30 years.

So as you can see, a story can be given life by something emotional, physical or purely plucked out of the sky. It’s an aspect of writing I love because with those parameters, nothing is impossible.

Dakota Skies

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