I know its Sunday because I’m feeling philosophical!

Something about the passing of one week and being on the brink of a new one always seems to get me pondering on life.

This week I’ve been thinking about what it means to be truthful and honest.

Sadly, I’ve been misled and  lied to  quite a few times in my life.

I’ve had friends and family ask me if I feel naive, gullible, and even downright stupid to have fallen for someone’s guff yet again.

It’s not nice to realise someone you believed in and cared about has lied to you, and yes, it can make you feel blind and stupid, but my answer to that question is always the same: No matter what the scenario, I’d rather be the trusting, naive fool than the lying, cheating, using bastard/bitch.

I, at least, can look at my reflection in the mirror as I brush teeth and hair and know the person looking back at me has honour and integrity. That the reflection meeting my gaze truly lives by: My word is my bond.



Honesty 01


Honesty 02


Honesty 03


Honesty 04


Honesty 05


Honesty 06


Honesty 07


Honesty 08

inspiration 31






4 responses to “QUOTES BONANZA – TRUTH and HONESTY

  1. Wow, what a fabulous post. I expect many people will identify with it. I know I do, and I am friends with a number of people who will also. I hate it when people I cared about spin a web of lies to suck me into their twisted world. Like you said though, the moment I started questioning things, they faded into the background. It leaves a bitter taste and makes a person wary of others. I didn’t see it at the time, but thinking back, I now see the flaws and inconsistencies in their stories. I guess we live and learn.

    • What’s that saying? We all have 20/20 vision in hindsight?

      I know I’m guilty of erring on the side of being too trusting. I believe until it becomes impossible to do so. And though it may make me sound a tad dumb, I must admit, I’m always shocked to my core when I discover I’ve been lied to.

      Anyways…. thanks for taking the time to read an comment, Taylin!


  2. Amazing post Lily and wise words…I’m with you, I hate being lied to and duped and you’re right we’ve all met people like that in our lives people who have more than one face but I’d rather be the ‘dupee’ than the ‘duper’. Lying is a horrible, hurtful trait. One I’d hate to be thought of as having. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hugs. ❤️

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