For the release of Heart Knot Mine I decided to go on a formal blog tour—it sounded like a good idea, like what a REAL author would do… and then I found out I’d have to write articles.

Don’t worry about it, I was told by some fellow writers. It’ll be a breeze. Just write about your inspiration or your writing process.

Hmm, my inspiration… or my writing process… let’s see, that’s like a choice between putting my, ah, **cough** quirks on full display or admitting to my inability to do just about anything in a normal, logical, and accepted manner, which, I guess, ties back into my quirks.

Yes, this writing an article business could be fun… as in, like a trip to the dentist, fun.

I must admit I’m cringing, more than a little, at the thought of revealing the ‘rules’ or ‘procedures’ I follow when writing a novel.

Basically, because I have none.

There’s no structure or plan. There’s no set sequence of things I do. I don’t plan out my chapters, or draft a story outline. I don’t write from start to finish and then read over and edit.

My characters are voices in my head. They are more real to me than most people I come across in my every day life. They live in my mind for a long time before I attempt to tell their story. We get to know each other in the same way I got to know my friend in Germany, Cordula, likes Marks & Spencer’s Empress Tea, and how for my friend and fellow writer in England, Taylin Clavelli, I practically just waft her teabag under the steam from the kettle! And then there’s Skylar from Chicago and her passion for animal welfare.

Ask me and I could tell you Noah’s favorite color, how he takes his coffee, the names of his childhood pets, and when he shared his first kiss. I could tell you the sporting teams he follows, the music he listens to, and that he broke his arm at the age of twelve. But more than that, I could tell you what moves him to tears and what makes him laugh until his stomach aches.

Oops, there I go again doing things arse about. It is Noah’s story that I tell in my latest release, Heart Knot Mine.

So how do the boys tell me their stories? How did Noah tell me his? They talk to me and show me movie clips. If I’m lucky they may show them in chronological order, but I have to say, that doesn’t happen often. For instance, Noah showed me the opening scene of him sitting lonely and depressed in a bar and then the final scene where…

Hahahaha, bet you thought I was going to reveal the ending! Sorry! No can do!

As to all the events that happened between the opening scene to the closing one, they were presented to me out of order. Does that make the writing difficult? At times, yes. There were many occasions where I did the metaphorical sitting him down and saying, ‘Okay, you’re not going anywhere until you tell me how you got from here to here.’ (On a side note, having been a mother to three children came in handy at those times. You have to love the effect of the ‘mum’ voice, even on a fictional creature!)

When the boys are being slow to reveal the next part of their journey to me, I go over what they’ve already told me. I change a word, add a sentence, take another out, I expand on what they’ve told me, I contract, I correct and I edit. In other words, I tweak like crazy! And then when they’re talking to me once more, I do it all again!

By the end, I must admit, I surprise myself that it all makes sense and flows with no gaping holes or awkward leaps. I guess the boys look out for me in that respect, the same way I look out for them. Then again, we’re friends and that’s what friends do!









  1. Hi Lily! Love the way you describe your style of writing. I do something similar, but I don’t have the mom voice to help me! Just had a new inspiration yesterday. I woke up and wrote down everything I could think of about my dream and then it will sit until the inspiration, voices, hit again. Hard to keep on schedule that way!

    • Hey kirifox, come join me in my insanity! It’s very liberating!

      Tell me about it – I have far too many boys chatting in my head at the moment, makes it hard to finish any of their stories.


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