Lily: Meet the rest of the family!

In my last post I shared pics of my eldest son, L, and related the story of his birth.

Being the fair mother that I am, I decided to do the same for J and E……..

And along the way share a few Lily pics through the decades!

So come meet my family!

Josh 1991

This is my second son, J, at preschool.

Like his elder brother, L, he was very precocious and was reading by the time he was four.

He loved water, and in particular, puddles, so much his nickname for many years was Puddle!

With his blond hair and dimples, he looked like an angel, but let’s just say looks could be deceiving!

And my god could the kid climb!

At age two, with his puppy, Cleo, under his arm, he managed to scale an eight foot fence to , um, jump off the gravestones in the far corner of the district cemetery which was adjacent to our house. Meanwhile, yours truly was hysterical with fear when I couldn’t find him after putting his baby sister down to sleep! I’d left him in the lounge room happily playing with some wooden blocks for like five minutes…

Me and J 1995

Here we are camping on the river at Gloucester (in the area where Liam from Same Page and The Race is On lives!)


Luckily, we both managed to survive his childhood….. here J is at eighteen!

Josh 21 01

At at twenty-one with his train cake with twenty-one carriages (Yes, I was crazy enough to bake that cake!)

Time to introduce  you to E, my daughter and the baby of the family!

Poppy 1994

E’s nickname from the time she was a toddler has been Poppy. She earned her nickname because of her love of regularly picking every single poppy flower in my wildflower garden. She never plucked any with stems attached, only ever their heads. I used to have a house filled with bowls with poppies floating in them! They were on every available surface and even lined the floor!

Emma (1)

Here she looks all sweet and lovely, but don’t be deceived folks – by eighteen she was an expert at Krav Maga (the self defense technique used by the Israeli defense forces or if you ever watched the movie Aeon Flux it was the fighting technique used by Charlize Theron! Oh, and Matt Damon uses it in some of the Jason Bourne films fight scenes.)

Our E can kick ass LOL


She’s inherited what we call my “gypsy feet” or travel bug. Here she is in Germany last year, preparing for our Oktoberfest with our friends, Cordula and Andre!


and yours truly doing my best German Dolly Parton impression at the same Oktoberfest!!!!

IMG_20131110_115103 IMG_20131110_115300and let’s not forget the Mother and Daughter Mona Lisa combo in Florence….

The kids know I hate having my photo taken and avoid it as much as possible, so they didn’t think I’d include photos of myself. So prepare yourself for a Lily retrospective…

Lily 1998

LOL, shorn and thirty-four!


Thirty-six and laughing.


Forty-nine and still laughing…. just!

And just cos, I like to keep the kids guessing below is a pic of me au naturel!!!

Look if you dare!


Thanks for letting me share my family with you!

14 responses to “Lily: Meet the rest of the family!

      • Definitely not! Let’s face it, having met you, I doubt you could, LOL. Now is the time to enjoy being naughty as long as the kids don’t catch you at it. They might ground you.

    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. They are awesome, if I do say so myself. I am very blessed in my children.

      Luvs ya,

  1. You have beautiful kids. Loved the photos of you. Thank you for sharing with your fans. Very happy to see you’re back! Missed you!

    • They are great, Lil.

      They organised a lovely birthday for me – limousine and lovely restaurant. Of course, they also made me wear a neon “50” badge complete with flashing lights and a “50” sash…….. just in case anyone missed the flashing badge!!!


  2. Haaaay HAWT MAMA! You look great! Full of laughter like I know you always are. ❤

    (I owe you an email don't I? Grrrrrrlllllll. We need to catch up! :D)

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