Heart Knot Mine Video Book Trailer

I am beyond thrilled and excited to unveil the video book trailer for


It was made by Lex Valentine



Thank you, Lex, for doing such a terrific job of interpreting my 1001 notes!


The song used in the trailer is by the British singer/songwriter/musician,


and its called


and its lyrics inspired a great deal of Noah’s story.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch and listen!

12 responses to “Heart Knot Mine Video Book Trailer

  1. Perfect Video Lily, watched it a few times now …love the song. This book is going to be an absolute winner! Big hugs! ❤️ 🙂

    • Thanks, Macky!

      It astounds me that I organised it with Lex all via email and she got it perfect – absolutely no tweaking required – the first time!

      The song is mentioned in Heart Knot Mine – and so perfect for how Noah feels.


  2. I agree, the song is perfect and the video hits the spot. Lex at Winterheart did a wonderful job for you. Very excited for the book to come out!

    • God, Skylar, I’m so excited – I can’t wait LOL. I know what it takes to get a book from submission stage to publishing stage now, but the wait never seems to get any easier!


  3. Wow, fantastic trailer. I am holding my breath waiting for the release date, as I have for all your other books. Thank you for writing my favorite books ever, I have read Same Page and The Race is On, four times, loving it each and every time. I wish I could find the words to tell you how talented you are. Please all I can say is write faster, surely sleep is overrated LOL.

    • Hey Jules!

      I’m so glad you liked the video. I’m so happy with it.

      And WOW, from myself and on behalf of Liam and Jaxon – thank you!

      Book 3 of How The Light Gets In will be out in late September or early October. It’s called Happily Ever After?

      And trust me, I’m not sleeping much!!!!

      A little something is winging its way to you over cyber space, so check your emails!


  4. This looks wonderful, Lily! I am excited to read it. How is #3 of “How the Light Gets In” coming along?

    • Hey Kirifox!

      So nice to hear from you – please forgive your slack friend who is just a tad snowed under at the moment…. she’ll dig her way out soon, I promise!

      Book 3 is coming along nicely – I think it will be ready by Sept/Oct this year.

      I have another story – Echoes of Mercy – coming out after Heart Knot Mine but before Book 3 (which is called Happily Ever After?) hence snowed under status LOL.

      What is this thing called sleep of which I hear people speak????


      • Hugs Sweetie! I miss you! I’ve been busy as well, but when you have a few minutes, I would still love your help to set up a blog, or whatever high tech site it is of which we spoke months ago. Am I too late to submit a story for either of your anthologies? I finally have something for you. Short and sweet. Let me know.

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