Wonderful start to 2014!

Both Same Page and The Race is On (Books 1 & 2 of the How The Light Gets In series) have made it into Mel Leach’s top 30 for 2013!


I’m beyond happy for my boys, Jaxon and Liam, and for myself, I am feeling so encouraged and honored to be listed among so many terrific books and talented authors.

mel leach banner


Mel has read 163 books during 2013, not including short stories (oh my God!) That’s more books than I’ve had hot dinners!

(LOL, now there’s a confession for the amount of times I eat a sandwich or a tub of yoghurt for dinner!)

Thank you, Mel, for, firstly, taking the time to read the work of a new unknown author, and secondly for being so enthusiastic about my boys.

May 2014 bring you many new books to escape into!

I’m doing my best to provide you with one or two…

Same Page - Front Cover 600x870TheRaceIsOn600x900

8 responses to “Wonderful start to 2014!

    • They have a habit of doing that…. well, to me anyway LOL.

      I hope they never stop chatting to me – it would leave a huge hole in my life.

      Happy New year!

  1. Mel read 163 books throughout 2013….. ive read about 130 + since i got my kindles off my sis macky …. so we’re looking at about a few months ( not many really) best & worst thing that ever happened to me getting a kindle ( already loaded with nearly a thousand books on it …. so the” ive died and gone to heaven ” well that says it all ) love reading all generes but really enjoying m/m romance…cant get any work done but love ma books ….who needs to eat dromk work & clean xx

    • Am sighing in envy, Karen. That’s the one thing about writing that I miss – I don’t get as much time to read for pleasure. I have so many books on my To Read List its embarrassing. I need to clone myself… must talk to science geek son….

      • Aww Lily its such a shame…but you have the amazing gift of being able to write and thats something i would give my right arm for. Maybe you should just set yourself an hour a day to chillax and pick up a book… reading is as good for you as eating. My lovely sis would be hanging from the rafters if she hadnt been able to read whilst shes had this bloody ME amongst other things that go wrong. So i thank you and all the other authors that have made her life something to look forward to each and everyday. It keeps her going…..and lets face it M/M is bloody hot stuff…it gets my windmills whizzing round sometimes lmao xxx i also thank you all for introducing me to a world which is front of me ( gay nephew & some friends) but didnt really think much of it. Ive learned so much through these tender love stories… i laugh, i cry, i shout at the characters in the books. So thank you for what you do and how you do it…i may get inspiration one day and have a go. Luv n hugz sweeti xxx

      • Well, Ms. Schofield if you do ever venture out on that limb know you have a friend in me! At the risk of repeating myself: the world needs more writers!

    • Hey Lily, I’m her m/m book pimp!! She’s as hooked as I am now so We could have her blogging and reviewing next. LOL. 🙂 I evened out at 458 books in 2013.. Real Life didn’t really get a look in. I love my books and You know the boys and you have a special place in my heart so I hope they feel the need to chat to you for a long time!

      Happy New year Lily. 🙂

      • OMG, Macky! The book world should give you a medal or trophy (preferably made of solid gold LOL)

        I LURVE reading. I always say you can go anywhere in the universe through a good book. Best form of escapism EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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