Seeing the New Year in at Coffs Harbour

I’m visiting my parents at Coffs Harbour, which is about 7-8 hours north of Sydney on the east coast of Australia.

Where Mum and Dad live is like a resort, right on the beach, among lush tropical vegetation and the wildlife abounds.

arrawarra beach

This is the beach I’ve been taking my morning walk on with Mum and Dad every day… yeah, life’s tough!

Apparently, it’s a great beach for learner surfers as it remains shallow a fair way out.

Contiki tours stop here as part of one of their tours and the surf lessons form part of the tour package.

Here’s a pic or two of some of the wildlife I’ve photographed since being here.

photo (2)A wallaby on the golf course!

This photograph was taken early – in another hour or two there was about another 20-30 wallabies sunning themselves!

photo (3)A King Parrot on one of Mum and Dad’s awnings.

photo (4)Mum and Dad said these two are a couple and they see them often.

They also park themselves on the veranda railing and “chat.”

photo (1)Another “couple” sunning themselves and cuddling on Mum and Dad’s pavers!

They’re goanas, by the way!

Love is obviously alive and well in Coffs Harbour!

Here’s hoping it is wherever you are!

Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to more fun and games with you all in 2014!


6 responses to “Seeing the New Year in at Coffs Harbour

  1. Wow Lily fancy waking up to that everyday!! Thanks for sharing those fantastic piccys. The wildlife and beach just makes it look all the more fabulous! Enjoy your time with your family and wish them a happy new year from me and mine! All the best and see you in 2014 ( seems strange saying that lol). Hugs. ❤ xx

    • Hey Macky, well it’s New Year’s Day and the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the cicadas are chirping and I can hear the surf…. Not a bad way to start 2014!

  2. Love your parents place. So close to the beach and it looks so peaceful. I love the wild life, especially the iguanas! Hope you’re enjoying your visit. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

  3. Sorry, missed this post sweetie…I’ve got so much coming in my ‘social’ in-box (woohoo!!). Your mum and dad’s place looks delightful, and lucky you for being able to take a break there!! 😀

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