Same Page is a finalist in the RAINBOW AWARDS!


It was beyond wonderful to wake up this morning to an email from Elisa Rolle informing me Same Page is a finalist in the GAY CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE category of the RAINBOW AWARDS 2013.

Same Page - Front Cover

Last week and early this week had been difficult – my assistant resigned and will be finishing a few days prior to when I was scheduled to fly out to attend GayRomLit 2013, and my boss announced at our staff meeting last Friday I may be required to cancel my vacation.

I felt so strongly about my attendance, and not letting down family and friends who have made arrangements to coincide with my visit, that I actually tendered my resignation on Monday.

Luckily, my boss then recognized how important it was to me and so my vacation will go ahead as planned!

Firstly, I’d like to thank Elisa and all the judges for their time and effort in reading all the entries.

Secondly, I’d like to congratulate all the other finalists in the various categories – I feel very honored to be listed with you. Please see below the list of finalists, and click HERE to be taken to the Rainbow Awards to check out all them out!

L.A. Witt –  From Out in the Cold
A.F. Henley – Inflori
Alex Kidwell – After the End
Ryan Loveless – Ethan Who Loved Carter
Jay Bell – Something Like Winter
D.H. Starr – Perfect for Me
Zahra Owens – The Hand me down
Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid – Double Black
Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton – Second Hand
Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton – Family Man
Marie Sexton – Never a Hero
Andrew Grey – Love Comes Silently
Sarah Madison – The Boys of Summer
T.J. Klune – Tell Me It’s Real
Julie Bozza – The Apothecary’s Garden
Sue Brown – The Sky is Dead
Shannon West – Making the Grade
Anne Tenino – Too Stupid To Live
Brandon Shire – Cold
JD Ruskin – When One Door Opens
Jay Bell – Something like autumn
T.A. Webb – Second Chances
P.D. Singer – Blood on the Mountain
Alexis Hall – Glitterland
L.A. Witt – Meet Me In The Middle
Anyta Sunday – Taboo For You
Lane Hayes – Better Than Good
Cherie Noel – Changeless
Lily Velden – Same Page
Taylor V. Donovan – Disasterology 101
Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes – Prelude
T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes – Chasing The King Of The Mountains
Feliz Faber – Thorns
Josephine Myles – Junk
Carter Quinn – Out of the Blackness
Kindle Alexander – Texas Pride
Brad Boney – The Nothingness of Ben
Erica Pike – Black Hurricane
B.G. Thomas – The Boy Who Came In From The Cold
Amy Lane – Mourning Heaven
Amy Lane – Racing for the Sun
Amy Lane – Bolt-hole
Z.A. Maxfield – My Cowboy Heart
A.M. Arthur – Unearthing Cole

11 responses to “Same Page is a finalist in the RAINBOW AWARDS!

  1. Congratulations Lily, I’m so thrilled for you that Same Page has become a finalist I the Rainbow awards. That’s awesome. You so deserve it! But I’m also so sorry you’ve had all that extra stress to put up with. Good for you for standing up for your rights. Hugs for the great news and a special hug for all the crappy stuff! oxoxo

    • LOL, I couldn’t miss out on visiting you in October! We have a date for a Tim Tam Slam or two!

      Only a week til I fly out now – SO cannot wait!

      As to the Rainbow Awards – I’m so thrilled for Jaxon and Liam. It’s like having your kid audition for the school play and getting offered a prominent role!


      • I know, hasn’t the time flown! Really looking forward to gorging on those choccy delights. Lol. And our boys getting nominated is just fab! Hugs.

    • LOL, of course you have excellent taste, Bev!

      Thanks for always being so supportive and encouraging – means the world to me.

      It makes me so happy to find others adore Jax and Liam too – God knows, I hope they never leave my head!


  2. Hey Lily, Congratulations! This is really wonderful and well deserved to be with the finalist. You’re in great company, but I think Liam and Jaxon are too wonderful not to have this honor. I’m sorry for the office drama. Your assistant leaving will add to the drama I’m sure as you train others to do what you do just to keep everything going while you’re away. Keep your head up. Glad it’s worked out for you keep your holiday in tack. Keeping my fingers crossed on the contest!

  3. This is awesome, Lily! I love Jaxon and Liam. They are my favorite boys and you are my favorite author. I’m so happy for the three of you! Less than two weeks and I finally get to meet you. I can’t wait.

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