Reviews on Fandom Fanatic for SAME PAGE and THE RACE IS ON


I want to share with you two reviews by Credoroza from Fandom Fanatic for my recent releases:

Same Page: Book 1 How the Light Gets In


The Race is On: Book 2 How the Light Gets In

Both brought a lightness to my step and and a smile to my lips. (OK, so I got a bit teary too!)



Same Page - Front Cover




6 responses to “Reviews on Fandom Fanatic for SAME PAGE and THE RACE IS ON

  1. Happy tears undoubtedly, hugs. The books definitely deserved 5 stars…Well, that’s what they got in my GR reviews…who doesn’t need stories chock full of emotion, romance, love and sex…not to mention 2 gorgeous guys and great secondary characters. Bring on book 3 Lily..can’t wait for more of Liam and Jaxon!!

    • Happy ones indeed – I can’t help getting emotional when readers let me know they adore Jaxon and Liam. It’s like your child auditioning for the school play and being given the lead.

      I love the boys so much, I just about burst with pride when someone says something nice about them.

  2. Wonderful reviews and well deserved. Credoroza did a great job of reviewing your books. What’s not to like about Liam and Jaxon? I’m so looking to book 3! Can’t wait!

  3. Oh, great reviews! Nd I couldn’t agree more: you’re an extraordinary writer and there’s no other way than to just love your boys!

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