Stop Author Abuse!

The BookChick am making this post as a public service announcement. I just want to encourage all of my fellow readers and bloggers who are Goodreads members to disengage from attacking authors on the site. In the past couple of days, I have seen several Facebook posts by authors of different genres who have mentioned being attacked by readers. ‘Readers’ are one-starring pre-released books or dive bombing every book the author has ever written with one-star reviews. Why? Because these ‘readers’ feel as if the author has made some reprehensible infraction against the world of literature as a whole *eye roll*. I know…dramatic, right? But sadly, it’s true. The internet trolls have now taken up residence on Goodreads. They are pollinating the site with their vitriol against authors and fellow readers who might support the author or their book(s). At some point, we as a community of readers and authors…

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11 responses to “Stop Author Abuse!

  1. Lily, This is terrible! I can sadly believe people do it, I just don’t understand such hate. It has to be jealousy. Putting people down for what they can’t do themselves. I hope this does band all the authors together to fight these attacks on one of their own. After all, like the anti-gay stuff, you never know when it will effect ‘you’.

    • I don’t understand people harbouring so much hate for people they don’t even know who have done nothing to them.

      I truly don’t understand why one person would want to hurt and destroy another person. To trample on their dream.

      I’d much rather be thought of as someone who helped build people up, than tear them down.

      What happened to this young lady is just beyond sad.

  2. Its appalling and its rife at the moment on GR. I don’t understand why people get so vitriolic and hateful. My friends and I recently rebelled against the tide and backed up an author who had been targeted. Its so hurtful! I’m ashamed to say I only recently saw how you were treated on there Lily and It made me sick to my stomach. No wonder you left, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Massive hugs! Xxx

    • Thanks, Macky. But what I was subjected to pales in comparison to the attack this girl has had to deal with.
      She asked an innocent question about how the rating system worked and they tore her to shreds over it. They placed her unreleased novel on shelves titled with awful names like deserving to be sodomized, and another was something about deserving to be raped in prison. How can GR not deem those to be offensive and abusive?
      And then I’ve heard about a group calling to have everyone boycott a certain author because they didn’t like something he said or did.

      It’s just wrong.

      • I know Lily. I don’t know why GR aren’t stepping in. I have a lot of wonderful friends on GR but I must admit the bad side of social Internetting creeps in and tarnishes it. That poor, poor girl. It is a dreadful thought but its all down pack mentality. So many people are quick to step on the bandwagon and that’s what bothers me that some people on there have so much sway. Its frightening. I hope it stops soon because no one deserves to be treated like that.

  3. I have no words for this kind of arrogance. They all should go back and play with their Barbies instead of playing Judge&Jury.

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just don’t get why when another person’s opinion differs some people feel the need to go for the jugular.

      If you don’t like an author’s book, fine, don’t like it, but why the need to then try to destroy their career? Why is it so hard to accept that another reader may well enjoy it?

      Diversity is what makes the world interesting – how bloody boring would it be if we all liked the same things!

  4. Yes, well, but these people are not just “having an opinion”. This is a witchhunt. But my guess is, they feel good to place themselves above others. In actual fact that’s just sad.

  5. I witnessed the debacle myself and was appalled. I personally have never seen an author attacked with such venom or on such a disgusting level. So glad The Book Chick posted, I re-blogged for my followers to see as well. Here’s hoping GR’s takes notice and starts enforcing their T&C’s.

    • I’m so pleased to here you re-blogged the post too – I hope a lot of readers as well as authors sign the petition so GR can see its not only the authors who find these things unacceptable.

      Shall keep my fingers crossed!


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