TRIO You Start… I’ll Finish excerpt 02


Published by Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: 09 August, 2013


Hollywood heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff and Liam Lassiter are finally on the same page: committed and in it for the    long haul. Now they just have to prepare for the inevitable fallout when they reveal their relationship. Between Jaxon’s career and Liam’s need to prepare for a life in the limelight, they decide to wait until filming of Jaxon’s latest project has wrapped.

Unbeknownst to them, the relentless paparazzi photographer Rafael Cacciatore, aka the Hunter, notices a change in Jaxon and is determined to be the first to break the story of who has captured Jaxon Moncrieff’s heart. In the meantime, Liam and Jaxon have enough on their plate working out the not-so-little issue of how and when Jaxon will come out to his family. The paparazzi aren’t even on their radar. The race to out Jaxon is on, and Liam and Jaxon don’t even know it.


Jaxon’s laugh made us both turn in his direction. He quirked an eyebrow at me, and I blushed, remembering my manners. “Um, yes. Mrs. Baird, this is Jaxon…. Well, at the moment he’s ‘John’, and you’ve already met him as ‘Jack’, but underneath the contacts, wig, and earring, he’s really Jaxon Moncrieff.”

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”

“I’m pleased to meet you too, Jaxon. Properly, at last,” she replied, stepping forward with her slim hand extended, and a sly sidelong glance at me.

“Hmm, yes, about that. The lack of proper introductions would be my fault, ma’am,” Jaxon drawled, smiling disarmingly, as he took her proffered hand and raised it to his lips. I smirked to see him using his charm on Mrs. B. “Sorry about that. I got a little too merry that night, and Liam had to take me home before he was able to formally introduce us.”

“Yes, I do recall how, um, happy you were that night, but seeing as you sang my song so beautifully, I’ll forgive you,” she told him with a wink. “You sang it almost as sweetly as Liam.”

“Why, thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment, ma’am.”

Turning away from us to fill the kettle with water, she said over her shoulder, “And Jaxon….”

“Yes, ma’am?” he replied, his hand hovering over the back of the antique oak chair he’d been about to pull out.

“It’s Sally or Mrs. Baird, take your pick. And while you’re at it, tuck your shirt in.”

With a happy laugh, I plopped into my usual seat at her table, grinning at Jaxon. He probably didn’t realize it, not knowing her the way I did, but by directing him to tuck his shirt in, she was telling me she approved of him, and welcomed him in my life.

Having instructed me to pour the tea for everyone, she brought out a platter of her famous sandwiches. I’d never met anyone who could turn the humble sandwich into a gourmet taste sensation the way Mrs. B. could. My mouth watered, and my stomach growled noisily in anticipation of the tasty treat it was about to receive.

“Liam!” she admonished me, while Jaxon smothered his chuckle in his napkin, but I could see she was secretly pleased with my stomach’s reaction to her cooking.

“I can’t help it, Mrs. Baird, you know how much I love your sandwiches,” I defended myself, catching Jaxon’s smirk out of the corner of my eye. Turning to him, I informed him, “You may laugh now, Moncrieff, but after one bite, you too will be a slave to the famous Baird Sanga. God, Ryan used to beg me on bended knee, and would even offer me money if I’d swap lunches with him, just so he could have one.” Swallowing my first mouthful a little noisily, I winked at her. “But I never did, ’cause they tasted too bloody good to give up!”

A moan from Jaxon’s end of the table had both Mrs. B. and me glancing at him and laughing at the look of bliss on his handsome features. “Hah! What’d I tell you?” I exclaimed triumphantly, slapping my hand lightly on the table.

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