TRIO teaser

So here we are at day three (Well, really its day 6, but I was a lazy cow and took the equivalent of a long weekend off…) of Cordula’s challenge in the lead up to the release of Book 2 of How the Light Gets In: The Race is On set for 9th August.

(And after my performance, or lack thereof, on Day 2, I’m as nervous as hell!!!!)

Cordula will tell us via a comment on the blog if I have correctly finished the sentence she has sent me via email

Okay, hoping caffeine has done the trick and brain is in high gear… but then again it is Monday and I suffer from chronic Monday-itis…

Right Answer = chocolate for Lily

Wrong Answer = excerpt for readers!


OKAY, on your mark, get set, and go for Round Three!!!


Having instructed me to pour the tea for everyone,…


Bloody hell, Cordula, could you get any more obscure???

Fuck – sorry for colorful language, but FUCK!

Once again, I know what “happens” in this scene, but…


The boys have arrived at Mrs. Baird’s and Jaxon is about to have his first taste of Mrs’. B.’s famous Baird Sangas. Do I get any brownie (chocolate!!!) points for knowing Liam’s stomach rumbles noisily and he slaps the table when Jaxon moans at how good the sanga tastes??? Oh to have a photographic memory!


I admit defeat.

My tail is well and truly between my legs!




Another excerpt coming up!

2 responses to “TRIO YOU START… I’LL FINISH challenge Day 3

  1. Okay, I admit, that was a mean one! So, yes there are definitely brownie points in store for you. I’m very impressed that you know all the background to the scene, so look forward to a small chocolate bar of my choice 🙂

    Here is the end of the sentence:
    … she brought out a platter of her famous sandwiches.


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