TRIO You Start… I’ll finish Excerpt 01


Published by Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: 09 August, 2013


Hollywood heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff and Liam Lassiter are finally on the same page: committed and in it for the    long haul. Now they just have to prepare for the inevitable fallout when they reveal their relationship. Between Jaxon’s career and Liam’s need to prepare for a life in the limelight, they decide to wait until filming of Jaxon’s latest project has wrapped.

Unbeknownst to them, the relentless paparazzi photographer Rafael Cacciatore, aka the Hunter, notices a change in Jaxon and is determined to be the first to break the story of who has captured Jaxon Moncrieff’s heart. In the meantime, Liam and Jaxon have enough on their plate working out the not-so-little issue of how and when Jaxon will come out to his family. The paparazzi aren’t even on their radar. The race to out Jaxon is on, and Liam and Jaxon don’t even know it.



Watching Garrett navigate the seemingly endless kilometers of gloomy tunnels, lit only by flickering fluorescent lights, in his precise, conservative driving style, I wondered how maniac-driver Alison coped. “Tell me, does Alison fidget a lot in the car?” I couldn’t help asking, trying to hide my smile.

“Why, yes, she does. How did you know?” he replied, glancing at me briefly before returning his gaze to the narrow road.

“Just an educated guess.” Unable to hide my grin, and struggling to stifle my laughter, I turned my face to the passenger-side window.

“God, is she that bad?” he asked, turning to look at me again.

“Worse,” I told him. “I wanted to be drugged and blindfolded. Jaxon tells me she’s never had an accident or killed anyone, but holy hell, I think that’s more luck than anything else.”

“Oh, God,” he muttered as we emerged from the artificially lit tunnels into the bright sunlight of the nondescript street that was the unmarked exit of the parking garage.

I could see Jaxon, disguised as “John,” parked in front of us in a little gray Audi A4, and turned to Garrett to give him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, thanking him for all he’d done before making my way to the passenger side of Jaxon’s rental vehicle.

With a small wave to us both, Garrett was gone, taking Picasso back to Alison and her planned masterpiece.

I slid into the seat, then turned to face Jaxon, feeling a little thrown to be looking at his John rather than Jack persona. “Is it okay for me to kiss you?”

“God, yes,” he breathed, leaning in to press his soft lips to mine, before sliding his tongue into my receptive mouth.

A long, sweet moment later we pulled apart, and when I opened my eyes and found myself looking into John’s hazel eyes instead of Jaxon’s blue ones, I couldn’t help chuckling. “You have me feeling quite the tart,” I told him, smirking. “In the last week I’ve kissed Jaxon, Jack, and now John.”

“Well, life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” Jaxon intoned doing an excellent impersonation of Forrest Gump. He tilted his head, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, and I found myself unable to resist smiling back at him.

“Take me home, Forrest,” I replied, trying to imitate his broad Southern accent. Jaxon’s amused laughter indicated I’d failed miserably.

“Do not, and I repeat, do not give up your day job, Liam,” he said with a snicker, ignoring my pout as he pulled me toward him and kissed me so soundly I was left breathless when he finally released me. “Let’s go home, baby.”

3 responses to “TRIO You Start… I’ll finish Excerpt 01

  1. You know I really like to treat you to a bar of chocolate every day, but an excerpt every day… sigh, no, that´s not bad at all 😉

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