Meet my cutest friend: ‘lil Q

lil q with teddy 03 bannerDinner isn’t complete without a hug from teddy!


Introducing ‘lil Q, the beyond cute daughter of my friend, author, Andrew Q Gordon and his partner, Mike.

Her smile is so bright, I think she could light a city!

lil q with teddy 01‘lil Q clutching the ‘softest teddy in the world’ which I sent to her!


lil q with teddy 02‘Softest teddy in the world,’ getting lots of hugs!!!


9 responses to “Meet my cutest friend: ‘lil Q

  1. I think ‘lil Q is so adorable. I love all the pictures that Andrew and Mike share with us. It’s great seeing her grow up. And such a cute bear! That is quite a title it has ‘Softest Teddy in the World’ – it looks like it’s new title should be ‘Much Loved Bear in the World’ – Good job Lily! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Oh my word, what a little sweet pea. She’s beautiful! 🙂
    Looks like Teddy gets lots of hugs… Bet her dad’s do too. Aww. 😉

    • LOL, I think ‘lil q has her daddies all figured out! Methinks she has them wrapped around her little fingers – and who could blame them. She’s such a happy little charmer!

  3. First let me say, ‘lil q is blessed beyond on words to have friends like you, Lily -(Mark is included in that group, but this isn’t his blog so I’m going with just you for now.) Between Hairy Maclary – which if I’m trying to work on the computer and she walks in she points and says ‘Hairy’ to let me know she wants to see the cartoons on YouTube – and the teddy bear, you’ve given her some of her favorite things. You – and the others who’ve touched her and our lives – will always be part of hers. These our memories she’ll always have and when she sees these things, she’ll say – ‘oh Lily gave me this.’ Which makes it that much more special for me.

    Thank you as many times as I can say it.


    • Ugh, Andy, you’re making me get all weepy. What can I say? Sometimes, you get a sense of a person, even though all your interaction is over cyber space. You and your beautiful family “spoke” to me and it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know you all better.

      ‘lil q’s sunny, sweet nature is like a neon sign in every photo – she just touches my heart. She’s a lucky girl to have you and Mike as her Papa and Daddy.



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