6 responses to “OMG, Just had to share this – HILARIOUS!

  1. OMG, I Lmao with this snippet. Imagine what graham would do with the stories about Rob on FanFiction, especially all the slash stuff. Thks for sharing, Debbie

  2. You really have to love Daniel. He always seems to have a great sense of humor about him. Graham has always been a favorite at our house. Let’s hear it for FanFiction. I think the Twilight story lines are better, especially the Edward/Jasper one’s, eh?

    • He does seem to have a terrific sense of humour. Wasn’t Ricky Gervais good too – LOL the story line!

      You might be surprised to learn, I kinda fancy a little Ed/Jas myself.

    • LOL, I hope so too! Fancy if Graham Norton ever stumbled upon some of the Ed/Jas fics in the slash section of the TWI fandom??? Can’t you just see Rob Pattinson blushing to the roots of his hair and Jackson Rathbone laughing awkwardly!

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