Inspiration pics for SAME PAGE: Book 1 How the Light Gets In

Same Page - Front Coverpublished by

Dreamspinner Press

release date 14th June, 2013

I thought I’d share with you some background and inspiration for Same Page.

Much of Same Page takes place in the Gloucester / Barrington Tops region, northwest of Sydney, where reclusive artist, Liam Lassiter, makes his home.

It truly is a beautiful part of the country, so if you’re ever in Australia be sure to put it on your ‘to visit’ list!

Barrington region 01



Barrington region 04  Edward's River 03  Gloucester River 02

Here’s some pics on tubing – so much fun!

 Tubing example 02

Tubing example 01

Liam’s house is of an unusual design – based on a hexagon and is called a ‘hexadome’

The design is eco-friendly, energy-saving, and open-plan.

Hexadomes often incorporate a lot of natural timber finishes, and can have the most spectacular cathedral ceilings.

My parents built one and I’ve been fascinated by them ever since!

dome 03

dome 05

dome 06

dome 07 dome 08

dome 09

Liam loves the Menzies Hotel because of its old world charm and the the Piano Bar.

The restaurant – Parkside – where he dines with Ryan, adjoins the Piano Bar.

menzies 04

menzies 03

More background and inspiration to come!

Oh and don’t forget the contest to win a free copy of Same Page!

Close date is Aust time 14th June, 2013 (American and European time it equates to the 13th)

2 responses to “Inspiration pics for SAME PAGE: Book 1 How the Light Gets In

  1. Great pictures! Love seeing the landscape pictures; to see the natural beauty that Liam lives around. So beautiful! The house pictures are pretty cool too. I can image that whomever lived in a home like that would be in harmony with nature and be concern about the environment. Love the large windows and all the natural light. Thank you for sharing what inspired parts of your story. I’m so excited waiting for the release of this book.

    • I must admit, Skylar, ever since seeing my parents home, I dream of buying a little bit of acreage with a creek and building one for myself! The Gloucester/Barrington region is where I often took my children camping – I think I’m in love with its rivers!

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