Dreamspinner are Supporting their Australian and New Zealand Authors by having a SALE 01-03 March, 2013 of Aussie and Kiwi-authored books!


Are some of your favourite authors an Aussie or a Kiwi?

Do you have any Australian or New Zealand authors on your To Read or Wish List?

Well, from 01-03 March, 2013 is the time to buy!

Dreamspinner Press is having a 25% off sale for all Australian & New Zealand authors!

This includes anthologies such as:


Aussie and Kiwi authors include:

RJ Astruc

Anne Barwell

H.C. Brown

Jaymz Connelly

A.B. Gayle

Lesley Hastings

Sean Kennedy

Geoffrey Knight

J.H. Knight

L.J. LaBarthe

Matthew Lang

Wayne Mansfield

Ellie Moonwater

E E Montgomery

Kate Roman

Isabelle Rowan

Cecilia Ryan

Robin Saxon

Meredith Shayne

Ada Marie Soto

Emily Veinglory

Lily Velden

Robin Walker

Ellen Whitehall

Jean Wolfe

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