Oliver from STRIPPED BARE in disguise…

Umm, Ollie from STRIPPED BARE…
I’m guessing he’s going to a fancy dress party disguised as a Macaw…
I hope he remembered to trim his talons…

OMG, This made me laugh!

A reader sent me this today, saying it reminded her of Oliver in STRIPPED BARE!!!

Now if only I was a whiz in Photoshop, and could turn our feathered friend green…

Thank you so much, hun!!!

You made my day!

2 responses to “Oliver from STRIPPED BARE in disguise…

  1. OMG is right! How funny! What a perfect picture for you. Come on, someone out there must know something about photoshop to make this bird green. Too Funny!!

    • I have photoshop on my old PC, but in all honesty, its so long since I’ve worked in it, I’d have to drag out my Photoshop for Dummies book LOL.
      I know how sharp Ollie’s talons can get and how firmly he can grip, so either this guy has his parrot trained extremely well to perfom this, umm, little trick or he’s into pain……snicker.

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