2 responses to “QUOTE – The most courageous act is to think for yourself… ALOUD – Coco Chanel

  1. I really like this quote. I often find myself standing by myself. I’m often surprised by some of my friends when I post something to my facebook account and they don’t “like” it. I mean, some of these people I consider to be very close friends and I then think that maybe they are humoring me and don’t really think like I do, or maybe they don’t want their other friends to know that they agree with me. I know I sometimes hesitate to add something in ‘fear’ that I may offend someone, but I know if I feel strongly enough about a subject, I have to post my opinions.

  2. Hi Skylar, I know what you mean. In fairness, I know I am seldom on FB – I really don’t have the time to chat away of an evening, and I don’t have the type of job where I can pop in every so often during the day. I wish I did – it would be a great way to talk to my overseas friends.
    Usually, I try to keep in contact with friends by sending them a joke, or an email asking about their life, and updating them on mine. But the few times I do saunter on over to FB and post something, more often than not I don’t get many “likes” let alone comments, which, of course, makes me feel unwanted, and makes me feel even more reluctant to make the time.
    Perhaps my posts – be they pics or opinions – don’t appeal to many, but like you, sometimes I just feel strongly enough that I have to speak out. In my opinion, a strong, true friendship can weather a difference of opinion or two.
    We’re all different, and I truly do believe it is our differences that makes for an interesting world – how boring if we all thought the same, and liked the same things.

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